Oceanic Whirlpool Mystery Puzzles Scientists

Two major theories of the globe we all live on have come forward in forums and blogs around the world as massive whirlpools springing up in the Atlantic Ocean are being scrutinized by scientists and those studying mysterious phenomena.  The massive whirlpools, which span hundreds of miles are thought to possibly be some of the most intense of their kind – and there’s talk of these objects having major far reaching effects on the world around us if they’re not properly understood.

It’s an interesting time to be alive.  Humanity has been endowed with the knowledge necessary to understand much about the goings on in our world, and yet not so much as to completely alleviate the apprehension and mystery of certain potentially Earth changing phenomena.  But we are closer now than ever to actually recognizing them.  And this may be the case with the peculiar spinning pools of water that have been discovered in the Atlantic ocean by scientists just off the coast of Guyana.

In an interview with Russian news outlet Pravda, Guilherme Castellane, a Brazilian climatologist weighed in on the subject, suggesting it could be having unknown and far reaching effects on the climate of South America.

But while the whirlpools appear to be caused by rising warm currents and falling cool ones, there are those who are proposing the theory that there may be another more mysterious cause.  One that would confirm the long held belief that at least in pockets throughout the Earth things aren’t as solid as we would like to believe.  The hollow Earth theory has been proposed by thousands of believers throughout the course of history, and some have even proposed that these strange whirlpools could have been caused by something similar to the drain stopper in a bathtub being pulled and allowing the water to rush into a thus far ‘unflooded’ compartment.  Scientists have reacted by saying while the theory is certainly sensational it is not based on hard science.

The whirlpool, while still a mystery, is more likely caused by the complex flow of warm and cool waters deep beneath the ocean.  Scientists have speculated that of the causes, there are several possibilities, but most do not involve a complex system of caves filling up with millions of gallons of water.  Such a system would in fact have to be larger than any previously seen tunnel beneath the Earth and would result inevitably in tsunamis and other major seismic events.  Not only that, they would have to be filled fairly quickly as millions of tons of water would flow into them and fill up any gaps.

Another proposed theory is that the whirlpools could be caused by a quickly changing Earth undergoing rapid and complex systems of entirely new weather patterns ultimately resulting in what most climatologists refer to as Global Warming.

In the end, however, the scientific community has found itself unequipped so far for understanding the mysterious shift of so much water in the world’s oceans.  And though the mystery may be uncovered one day, in the mean time it is entirely unexplainable.