October Surprise- Hurricane Sandy Conspiracy To Delay Elections

Last Updated on November 26, 2020 by

Hurricane Sandy is eying the east coast and the government is NOT doing anything to deter it off course! We already know USA has the technology to create and control weather, including hurricanes, so why aren’t they saving the East Coast from biblical wreckage?

Apparently there is an international treaty that only allows countries to use weather modification within their own countries- so controlling a hurricane in the ocean is forbidden.   Buy ask yourself this-  since when have obeying treaties been something the USA Government agrees with? 

There have been countless reports of a “Catastrophic Event” occurring right before the elections if Obama is behind in the polls. And wouldn’t you know it- Obama is in trouble in the polls and along comes a KILLER STORM (Frankenstorm) 5 days before the elections that is setting the stage to wipe out Electric and Utilities in the most populated section of the entire USA!

This storm is called the “100 year storm” because 3 different systems are confronting each other and forcing the crazy to become reality. Are they kidding???  It is so crazy and strange that noone has ever even seen this kind of event happen before.

Will this be the event that delays the election and puts the East Coast under martial law?

Unexplainable.Net is based out of Pennsylvania, and our entire state is under a state of emergency already, days before the storm. So I ask everyone to pray for our safety as well as pray for everyone on the East Coast.