Pembrokeshire Noise Unsolved

When resident of Milford Haven tried to move their days along peacefully, they found that something strange was booming off in the horizon.  The noise, which lasted for some two minutes was reported as being quite strange – like nothing the residents had ever heard before.  The incident continued and Haven residents soon began contacting local authorities asking what was happening.  The authorities were just as baffled as the residents were.

The noise, which was breaking all throughout the Pembrokeshire county resulted in at least three phone calls inquiring as to what the noise was.  While two minutes of time doesn’t seem like much, it does rule out several things, including the roar of a fighter jet.

The booming noise was at first blamed on the nearby firing range, which was scheduled to have night fire exercises that day but it seems that possibility is somewhat limited given the nature of the exercise.  It should have made neither the volume of noise heard, nor have directed this noise in the direction of the town.

Of course this is only the latest of a long series of incidents where sound makes an unexpected appearance over a wide area.  The most recent incidents have been filmed extensively, with residents looking to the skies where they seem to be coming from for answers.  And to be clear, the fact that so much noise has been suddenly appearing in the skies over such a wide area is nothing short of an enigma. 

Experts ranging in discipline from geologists to aeronautics have been looking into the phenomenon, not always realizing it seems to be connected throughout the world and have come up empty on answers.  Of course the question must be asked, are these connected?  The sounds do vary quite a bit from area to area.  In fact, the sounds seem to have a sort of identity of their own sometimes.

It all began in Kiev, Ukraine late in 2011 when a video was uploaded to the Internet that showed a near deserted city street and a bizarre mournful sound breaking across the landscape.  While the noise was disturbing, it was an unfamiliar phenomenon at the time.

While there’s nothing suggesting the sounds were linked directly to the ones that were heard afterward, it was only after the video was taken that the other sounds were soon heard all over the world, including in places where the phenomenon was witnessed by dozens or even thousands of people.

Given the fact that it’s 2012, and people are turning their minds toward the more cosmic and apocalyptic times, it seems there is a very real concern growing over this globe spanning mystery.  Are these the growing pains of a completely new time?  Or is it an unrelated phenomenon fueled indirectly by peoples’ interest in the change being predicted later this year?

There’s no doubt that mysterious sounds have in the past been reported happening from various locations around the globe, but since late 2011, the number and types of mystery sounds wrapping around cities, towns, and countrysides has changed dramatically.  They are now far more numerous and more unsettling than ever before.