Revisiting the ‘Zone of Silence’

There are some places in this world that seem to defy the known laws of physics.  It’s as though the entire universe answers to certain laws that hold everything together, and yet occasionally there is an area – such as the Zone of Silence that simply refuses to conform.  While it is unknown if the zone is related to any paranormal phenomenon directly, the fact that no explanation exists for its mysterious effects is certainly no comfort to those who find themselves caught in it at the wrong time.

The zone of silence is an area of Mexican desert where radios simply do not pick up on transmissions.  And if the site is unexplained now, it’s nowhere near as bizarre as the circumstance surrounding its discovery.  In 1970 an Athena missile was launched from the White Sands missile base and crash landed in the area.  Understandably, given the fact that a missile had been accidentally fired into Mexico – and a fairly large missile at that – a political incident was quickly unfolding.  Quickly personnel descended on the site to contain the situation and destroy any remnants of the missile.  But when they arrived, their radios did not work.  It was as though they were suddenly transported to another world as their radios were now useless to them even a short distance away from one another.

The mysterious site was subsequently studied, but no answers were forthcoming.  Furthermore, the mysterious effects of this area seemed to extend beyond the perimeter within the field itself as it reached a continent away to pluck a missile from the sky and drag it back.

Since that time there has been another theory of what happened there that day.  It seems an unlikely coincidence that a missile would just happen to be launched at a place that would later turn out to be one of the most mysterious places on Earth, but as this is the official story few question it.  But what if it wasn’t quite as much of an accident as was claimed?  It seems beyond any shadow of the word serendipity that the site would be discovered in these extraordinarily unlikely circumstances.  But even more unlikely is the fact that after the incident very few people ever spoke of it again.

One theory is that the military discovered something and launched a missile to destroy it.  The location’s effect may have been around before the missile struck or it may not have been.  The relative seclusion of the area and the forces involved make any official story less than air tight.  The truth is something seems odd about the military claiming a missile happened to disappear into one of the most anomalous zones the human race had ever encountered.  And while it may or may not have been chance alone that ultimately drew them to the area, the zone quickly became a matter of scientific curiosity and great interest among paranormal enthusiasts.