Thought Control of the Weather

Thought Control of the Weather

Recent natural disasters such as the earthquakes in Pakistan, hurricane Katrina, the tsunami in Indonesia and others have caused measureless devastation and suffering. Can such disasters be avoided or diminished in strength and destructiveness? Can the collective thought energy of a large group of people have an affect on the weather?

A study carried out in 1993 demonstrated the power of collective thought energy. A large group of people skilled in the practice of transcendental meditation focused their collective minds on the problem of crime in Washington D.C. The results were impressive, to say the least. Crime rates fell 25 percent during the weeks of focused meditation. This test of the power of thought energy was scientifically validated and shown to affect an entire city.

Can similar results be achieved in controlling or diminishing the strength of natural disasters? Is it possible for a large group of people sharing the same intentions and focus of will power to have the power necessary to control the weather?

Is this idea a dangerous one? Could such an attempt backfire and cause even more damage to the human race?

Is such an exercise a complete waste of time? Perhaps it is possible for a thought collective to control weather patterns but fear of success or fear of failure deters the modern mind from making such attempts. It is possible that such things are happening right now and we just haven’t being informed.

Our understanding of the power of the human mind is incredibly limited, our understanding of the subtle energies which compose the universe and all that it contains are even less understood. Weather modification by means of collaborative mental effort does not seem at all unreasonable to me.

There are numerous historical references to mental weather control.
Sahaja Yogis, for instance, claim to be able to control the weather by means of collective intent and focused meditation; Tribes among the Yoruba Nation of South West Africa indulge in the shamanistic practice of Ifa or wisdom of nature to control weather conditions; Hopi Indians of North America practice ceremonial dances to evoke rainfall during times of need.

The purposeful control of weather is common to every culture on the planet. Embodied within these various belief systems human beings are viewed as one part of the complex, living whole of Nature, connected to all other living things and to the Universe itself.

It is my personal belief that a careful, deliberate and concentrated group of individuals, experienced in focused meditation techniques can have a positive affect on controlling the damage caused by natural disasters. I would like to invite anyone interested in answering these questions to join the debate and see which way the wind will blow.

Jeffry R. Palmer Ph.D. – Author, Thought Energy Consultant and Syndicated Columnist, Is the author of “Judo for the Soul – The Art of Psychic Self Defense”, as well as numerous articles and papers relating to metaphysics and the study of paranormal phenomena. Further information about Mr. Palmer, his books and articles can be found at http://the-psychic-detective.com