Weird Weather in Oklahoma

When we think of paranormal weather, ordinarily we think of the improbable precipitation, strange sounds, and unexplained seismic activity.  But what about when the weather is all of the above?  Recently in Oklahoma residents reported that their world has been turned upside down by the weird goings on in the skies and under the ground when in just one short day the world looked like it was coming to an end in a localized area.

One resident eventually sought some comfort on Twitter where she posted the strange goings on comparing the event to the apocalypse.  And if the world had seen as much weather as Oklahoma did all across the globe it may very well have been.  But how did this extremely strange day start?  And what made residents finally take notice?  It all started normally enough – with a tornado.

The tornado quickly became two tornadoes and then two Earthquakes.  Shortly after the second one Idaho residents finally decided enough was enough and turned to the internet for comfort.  Discovering that the bizarre weather was localized, many of them wondered if they were just unlucky – or if there was something more at work.

Oklahoma is no stranger to extreme weather, but the likelihood of having four major events in just one day is even statistically fairly slim.  Add that to an already crazy year for temperatures and tornadoes and you have a recipe for disaster.  But unlike the spring and summer, while the Earthquakes could happen at any point in the year November is not generally known as tornado season – let alone having two in one day.

So what is the cause of this mysterious string of events?  This certainly isn’t the first time the weather has acted strangely in 2011.  In fact, in October a snowstorm was predicted in late October and by Halloween millions were without power with schools closing due to the snow.  The massive blow to infrastructure was only the latest in a series of accelerated weather related power outages aimed right at the west.  Ordinarily a time of year known for leaf raking and generally cool but not altogether frigid temperatures became too much for power companies as they scrambled to restore power to fully functional.  The event was strange enough to be only the fourth time snow has fallen in October in Central Park in an estimated 135 years when record keeping on it began.

Is climate change to blame?  Or is the world simply going through a tough time?  At the moment it seems the overwhelming consensus is that Earth is going through some level of change and it may be man made.  But while the world still asks what must be done to stop the effects, some are warning we may be looking at the manifestations of those effects already.

As for Oklahoma, it seems weather has calmed down somewhat – with some of the cloudy skies even letting the some come out.  Nothing like the extreme weather residents are getting used to.