Weird Weather Occurrences 1: Ice, Water, and Fire

Throughout the years, the world (or Mother Nature) has opened up and produced a slew of odd weather occurrences that have certainly made the pages of record books and the headlines of newspapers across the world. In this article, we will learn about large chunks of ice that fall from above, St. Elmo’s fire, and supposed sea monsters made from water.


Large Chunks of Ice Falling From the Sky


Usually, when a strong thunderstorm settles in, hail may fall, which is often accompanied by chunks of ice that appear no bigger than the size of a softball (in the worst cases), but what happens when a storm brings more than we’ve bargained for? Across the globe, there have been reports dealing with hailstone that have fallen from the sky that measured 80 pounds (on record).


Sometimes, when the large chunks of ice come to earth, the shatter upon contact with the ground, but for those witnessing the phenomenon, their initial sizes are awe-inspiring. Some witnesses have claimed to see the mysterious occurrence of huge chunks falling the ground without a cloud in sight. Skeptics believe that the cause of this event happens when large pieces of ice have fallen from the wings of airplanes, but others are not buying it. Still, there is no explanation for these weird ice “bombs” that appear every so often.


What is St. Elmo’s Fire?


During a thunderstorm, a phenomenon is known to occur, which involves a strong electric field. St. Elmo’s fire is the result , an “electroluminescent corona discharge” that takes place when the air becomes ionized. The outcome creates plasma that possesses a low density and low temperature. The physical characteristics that are seen when encountering a St. Elmo’s fire is a bright glow that emits a pinkish purple color. Sometimes, witnesses claim that it resemble a ball of glowing fire. The event often surrounds objects, such as aircraft wings, chimneys, or spires. Double and triple jets have been seen coming from the tall and pointy parts of these structures.


Throughout time, the documentation of such an odd weather occurrence has been jotted down by the likes of Benjamin Franklin, as well as the ancient Greeks. St. Elmo’s fire has also been seen appearing at the tips of cattle horns when a thunderstorm is in progress, as well as about sharp objects while a tornado is raging. Some believe the phenomenon is related to ball lightning, while others are not quite sure.


Sea Monster or Spinning Water


While several people claim to have seen the Lock Ness Monster, there are others who believe the legend is merely a gathering of water as it spins about its surroundings. Depending on where you live, you may encounter the event of a “water devil,” which is a small whirlwind that can appear over any body of warm water (where the water sucks up into a funnel-like creation). When a water devil gets going, the shape begins to spin about without any control.

If you are close enough, you may hear the sound of bubbling noises or a hissing accompanying its presence. Along with the odd sounds, a long,
neck-like vision may also develop, which has been mistaken for the sight of a frightening sea monster that looks as if it is ready to attack.