What’s Fueling this Devastating Weather?

The incredible amount of weather devastation has affected millions and could be affecting even more as April moves into May and just as of last night, Cairo Illinois has been saved by an already controversial last minute breach of a levy that instead flooded farmland in Missouri.  But with this painful decision and others still facing the world, has the worst passed?  And what could be fueling this devastation that is rocking the west?

Officially it has been called the worst weather outbreak on record.  But the most disturbing part is rather than being a purely seasonal event, it goes back to winter when snowstorms shut down several major cities across the US.  Even up to February Chicago was entirely shut down by what was called the third worst weather in the city’s history leading all the way back to when the first non indigenous settlers arrived there in the 1780’s.  And with weather this bad, we have to get a break eventually, right?  Well, that’s when spring rolled around.  And that’s when things got downright dangerous.

You need only look at the NOAA database to see that we’re in unprecedented territory in 2011 when it comes to weather.  But what’s driving it?  Could it be global warming?  The sun?  Could there be a conspiracy to make the weather worse using high frequency installations?  Or is it just one of those unexplained forces of nature?

One of the things many theorists are positing is that the weather could be related to recent changes in the sun.  With the weather throughout the Midwest reaching epic levels, it’s nothing short of incredible to witness some of the cyclones that have torn through the region.  But these images carry with them the heavy burden of homes, livelihoods, and families lost.  We can only hope that by the end of the season there will be some relief on the way as the weather turns to the summer.

But the weather seems to be joined by another strange phenomenon.  The Earth itself seems to be breaking apart at the seams.  After Earthquakes in Japan devastated the Fukushima Nuclear Power facility, the whole world watched as the city began alongside the rest of the country its long road to recovery.  This too was blamed on the same factors that may be affecting the weather.  Unfortunately, since all of those theories involved suggest both the weather and Earthquakes could be affected by the same things, it’s difficult to determine which of these (if any) could be the cause.  And with NASA still warning of the potential devastation of a super solar storm in 2013, we are starting to see the possibility of a major disaster on several fronts – and in our near future.  So will things continue to spiral out of control before a final massive event returns us finally to normal?  We certainly hope not.  But some are searching for the truth to make sure those who stay informed get a chance to prepare.