Will the ‘Super-Moon’ Bring More Earthquakes?

Last Updated on November 30, 2020 by admin

The moon phase has always been a mysterious force that affects things like the tide on Earth.  But with the most recent predictions of upcoming Earthqakes from a large amount of Solar activity and an unusually close moon, can we predict that when the moon becomes closer than it has been in almost twenty years.  And that, combined with a few other forces has some scientists worried about the affects on Earth.

But what are we looking at with a moon quake?  Is it possible the effects could be as far reaching and devastating as the Earthquake  that struck in Japan March 10th?  Or is this only the beginning?  Richarde Nolle has predicted that the upcoming moon phase will be so extreme, we can expect to see some major changes on Earth after the 19th.  And if the moon phases aren’t enough, there are others suggesting solar flares may be partially to blame.

It’s no secret that the Japan Earthquakes were marginally predicted by doomsayers in the preceding weeks in relation to elevated solar activity.  But others are predicting doom far surpassing that even with this super moon.  As we examine the truth behind this devastating series of events we are learning that the Earth may not be the only force at work when it comes to major seismic events.  And just as the moon can affect the tides of the world’s coastlines, it can affect other things like the land tides as well through seismic activity.

Three Earthquakes struck the coast of Japan and began with a 7.1 magnitude Earthquake just East of Honshu, Japan.  After this a 6.8 Earthquake was seen just East of Honshu and finally the strongest an  8.9 Earthquake struck near Honshu once again.  Altogether the three Earthquakes are threatening a nuclear facility which in these early moments is said to not be working properly any longer.  And some are suggesting there is a real threat of further malfunctions leading to an even larger catastrophe.

So will this moon phase be prompting even stronger Earthquakes in the coming weeks?  The 19th is when it will be tremendously close, so it is difficult to say if there will be future disasters during this time.  In addition, some theorists have suggested an increase in the amount of solar activity could be contributing to the Earthquakes.  The solar activity we are currently experiencing included one X class solar flare alongside over 14 M Class solar flares in the past few days.  X class solar flares are the strongest category of flares while M class flares are generally considered to be very strong, but still not as devastatingly powerful as the X flares.

And so as these early hours roll on and details continue to come out about this disaster, many in the alternative weather watchers community are bracing themselves for impact with an even more devastating prediction.