Prominent Ancient Cities , 1

While some ancient cities are more well known than others, have you ever thought about all the other capitals throughout time that have made a mark in history? In this article, we may tribute to both the recognizable powerhouses in history, as well as a couple of lesser-known notables.

The First ‘Real’ City in North America?

In around 1100 AD, Cahokia was home to nearly 30,000 inhabitants. But, what and where did this notable capital city thrive? Cahokia is none other than a North American location, which was found where Illinois is now. It served as the first and largest city that was considered as ‘real’ until the northeastern part of the United States experienced a great population explosion during the late part of the 18th century.

Some of the features regarding this system include a vivacious urban center that showcased organized leader, commerce, and advancements in building skills. At the time, mounds were a pretty big deal, where you will find that Monk’s Mound is recognized as the largest of them all , measuring 100 feet tall. It is believed that this attraction served as the basis of a residence for whoever was considered the spiritual leader at the time.

The Treasures of Xi’an , 2

During the times of the most significant ancient dynasties associated with China, Xi’an served as a central part of this country’s historic record. With a history that dates back about 3,000 years into the past, the city has now become a hot spot for tourists looked for popular attractions, such as the Terra Cotta Army, which consists of 6,000 uniquely constructed life-size statues that were buried to protect the tomb belonging to Zhou emperor Qin Shi Huang.

The treasures to come in Xi’an only grow in greatness as archeologists are awaiting the opening of the emperor’s mausoleum. It is believed that a priceless amount of treasures will become uncovered.

The city also underwent numerous dynasties that helped lay out many significant changes. The Sui Dynasty united the country in 582 after a moment of disunion threatened the prosperity of the city. The new emperor ordered a brand new capital built in the southeastern part of the Han capital, which would bear the name of Daxing (meaning ‘great excitement’). It was comprised of three different sections , the Xi’an Palace, the Imperial City, and the civilian section. At the time, it became the largest city in the world, where the main street (Zhuque Avenue) measured 155 meters wide.

Thebes , More Than Just Temples and Pyramids

In the past, Cairo and the Great Pyramids marked greatness in ancient Egypt, however , not too many people speak of Thebes , which was located a little further up the Nile. Great pharaohs led the dynasties associated with this city. During ancient Egyptian times, Thebes served as the ruling capital that took place throughout most of the eras. This greatness started with the Old Kingdom some 4,500 years ago , supporting two of the most honored temples of its time , Luxor and Karnak.

Nearby, you will also find the infamous Valley of the Kings, which is where the majority of Egyptian holy rulers enjoy their final resting place.