Is Katy Perry Trying to Tell Us Something in her New Song, ‘Roar’?

When Katy Perry performed one of her latest songs, ‘Roar,’ as the finale for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, she took on the persona of a boxer – ready to take on the world. Looking empowered and ‘fierce,’ the singer threw jabs into the air and took to the stage in boxing trunks. Some taking a look at the lyrics of the song, the performance and the music video, have noted that this might very well be Perry sending out the message that she’s a fighter, and has maybe…finally beaten her ‘handlers.’

Katy Perry has a long history of incorporating Illuminati-related symbolism into her music videos and live performances. However, over the course of her career, some have suggested that her affiliation with the secret society or other unseen forces influencing her music career is simply the result of being a victim of Monarch mind control programming. This type of mind control is often represented by the butterfly – a symbol that greatly figures in with the themes and visuals found in a lot of Perry’s musical works.

When Perry released her song and accompanying music video for ‘Wide Awake,’ not only did the lyrics come across as an entertainer trying to make a bold statement about her own life, but the symbolism found in the video was also very telling – butterflies and mirrors. Her actions in the video suggest that she had turned her back on the Illuminati, and no longer identified herself as their puppet.

On October 22, 2013, Perry’s next music album (her fourth studio creation) is scheduled to be released, and it already has an interesting title… ‘Prism.’ ‘Roar’ is the first song and video associated with this new endeavor, and it is already following in the same path as many of her other songs – a number one hit single, for sure. It’s said that Perry spent time writing at least four of the tracks on the new album, and she describes the tone of it as being more ‘grown up.’ Some believe that this transformation in Perry’s music is more than her just growing, aging, and progressing as an entertainer.

However, there is a bit of contradiction in the theory that Perry has completely cut ties with any link to an Illuminati-fueled or influenced career. The very title of her album suggests otherwise, and even how she describes the finished project is something to raise an eyebrow.

At the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Perry declared that the album would not be ‘dark’ as previously suggested. She admitted to being in a ‘darker place’ in her life when she first started working on the album. However, it was reported that Perry credited self-reflection and working on herself for ‘letting the light in,’ and making her feel ‘very prismatic.’ She also referred to her songs as being a vehicle where she could ‘beam the colors’ of her experiences. Some would say that this is a reference to the all-seeing eye.

However, Perry has also highlighted the therapeutic value of ‘Roar,’ stating that it is a song “about speaking up for yourself because there was a time in my life I didn’t stand for anything, so I fell for everything….. Sometimes you can feel burdened by people or a thing or a relationship and it causes you to go inside yourself versus say ‘Hey! No, this isn’t okay.’

Just like the words in the song, she says, “I’m getting myself stronger.” Just who or what is she referring to? There is no secret that she has had a few relationship ups and downs, but the songstress could also be speaking of other connections she has made throughout her career…her former handlers, perhaps?