Satanic Ritual Killing Trial in Johannesburg of Kirsty Theologo Continues

Satanic cults and misguided youths who choose to follow related practices aren’t just a hindrance of the United States, as other locales around the world experience the same kind of problems. In recent news, a trial with a rather disturbing backstory has hit the national headlines, and it centers on Satanic ritual killings involving teenagers. The trial of four youths in South Africa sheds light on the horrifying consequences that erupt when underdeveloped minds surrender to the dark side.

In Johannesburg, South Africa, four teenagers are on trial at the South Gauteng High Court for the murder of a local peer, Kirsty Theologo, who was 18 years of age at the time of her death. Her killing has captured the attention of people around the world because of the circumstances surrounding the nature of her death – she was the victim of a ritual Satanic killing. Two of her former friends have already confessed to their involvement and pleaded guilty, and a handful of accused teens remain.

The murder of Theologo took place two years ago, and the sad reality is that those accused for her death were actually her friends. She was murdered at a regular hangout of the teens, and on the evening of her death, had met with friends along with a friend, Bronwyn Grammar. At the time, Grammar was just 14 years old. What the teens thought was just a regular meeting of friends, turned out to be a satanic ritual where Theologo was drugged, tied up, and drenched in petrol. Her body was then set on fire, where she later lost her life in a hospital.

As reporters continue to cover the trial, the court has been anticipating the questioning of 17-year-old Courtney Daniels, who had been next to take the stand. She holds onto her assertion that she was unaware of plans to kill Theologo until the night that the ritual was to take place. However, two state witnesses and her co-accused Robin Harwood tell a different story…that she was right in the thick of things while the murder of her friend was being planned. Three of the co-accused are in jail, while Daniels (who was a minor at the time of the murder) was allowed to stay at home in the custody of her parents.

Testimony from the first trial of the co-accused stated that the group of teens gathered at Daniels’ home to plan Theologo’s murder, as they agreed that she would die in three weeks’ time. According to Lester Moody, “she had to be sacrificed for our wishes.” The group believed that the teen’s death would grant them four wishes of power, wisdom, fame and money. Moody admitted his role in Theologo’s death, confirming that he was responsible for setting her on fire in 2011. His testimony would be used against four other people associated with the crime.

At the time of his trial, Lindon Wagner, Robin Harwood, Harvey Isha, and Courtney Daniels pleaded not guilty to the charges of murder, attempted murder, and assault to cause grievous bodily harm. Moody, along with another accomplice (Jeremy King) had admitted to committing the crime. For that, they both received a sentence of 17 years in prison – five of which had been suspended.

Moody’s testimony confirmed that the group participated in a pre-planned Satanic ritual. He stated that they intended to burn candles on the corners of a satanic star, and cut into Theologo’s flesh. He also spoke of how they were to drink her blood and eat her flesh as part of the ritual.