Smoking Gun Research Group Library Opens

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Paranormal researchers, fans of the fringe, and those interested in the occult will be delighted to hear that the Smoking Gun Research Agency, a group of individuals dedicated to chronicling and uncovering the fringe, supernatural, paranormal, extraterrestrial, and just plain strange has just opened the doors of their own library on the subject of the paranormal.  The Smoking Gun Research Library, located in Orange, Connecticut is expected to attract all types in the ever present search for both the truth, and a bounty of interesting mysteries.

The Smoking Gun Research Agency (SGRA), in their press release announced that as of July 1st they would be opening the first (possibly in the world) library dedicated entirely to the subject of the strange, the paranormal, and the fringe with a fully equipped and helpful staff to help everyone from the hobby ghost hunter to the most serious of paranormal investigators.  The library itself is equipped with a large selection of materials ranging from DVDs, videos, documents, photographs, and other materials both digital and in hard copy.  The project was the dream of SGRA Founder Jon Nowinski.

Paranormal researchers have often had difficulty sifting through research materials with no central hub of paranormal archives.  If the SGRA library truly takes off in the way many are hoping for with excited anticipation, it could become a central hub for research to take place and could even help bring us all closer to shedding some light on some of the greatest mysteries on Earth and beyond.  In addition to the research materials they have amassed the resources of the SGRA in order to help put experts in contact with those with need of them.  In the future the library may become a sort of hub of paranormal and metaphysical education as well, with workshops and several other learning opportunities, as well as opportunities for those with the need to make contact with others in the field.

With the Internet there is a great need for a centralized location to bring forth the potential positive change needed to gather the resources of thousands of interested individuals into one central hub.  And many are suggesting that this hub could easily be brought about through the SGRA’s library.  Upon hearing the news, several paranormal investigators and enthusiasts have announced they will be keeping a hopeful eye on the SGRA and hope for great things.

The SGRA has been operating as an organization and interest group in an official capacity since 1999, and has since helped give many people a voice regarding their various experiences, research findings, and theories.  The SGRA’s website also has several resources for paranormal researchers and those looking for accounts and answers to the questions that most trouble us when considering the possibility of the infinite scope of our universe.  In recent times the art of parapsychology has often been lost in the media’s frenzy to find the entertaining and the sensational above the truly deep and intriguing.  The SGRA has made it their mission statement to not only attempt to prove or disprove individual cases, but to study the background of all seemingly paranormal events to provide as much information as possible on the subject and make investigation that much easier.