Vampire Sighting Causes Car Wreck

Car wrecks are frightening things clearly, but when you’re all alone on a stretch of Colorado road and you find yourself face to face with a vampire, it seems you can’t be blamed for losing control of your vehicle.  Of course as is often the case, there was no evidence left behind which makes many people hearing of this case after the fact wonder, what did she see that caused her to wreck her car?

It further stands to reason that the woman who says she saw a vampire must have seen something about the figure that indicated to her that the figure truly was a supernatural entity.  Unfortunately, all information available on this case seems to be lacking in this very key aspect.  There is no way of discovering what it was about this figure that the woman considered vampire-like.  One can only assume it may have had something to do with the teeth of the figure otherwise she may have thought it to just be a wandering pedestrian.  Fortunately, no one was injured seriously in the incident and though the anonymous driver’s SUV was smashed into a dead end, the damage was reportedly limited.  Her husband later came to her aid and as she did not require hospitalization, she was taken home.

It seems vampires are making news more these days after the hit novel and now movie series Twilight hits the market.  In fact, it is this very series that many are suggesting was the cause of the woman’s accident.  But it’s an interestingly uniformed opinion that the woman had simply seen Twilight and naturally the film somehow caused her to hallucinate that a vampire was nearby.  When looking at the logical possibilities in this case it’s a clear matter of looking at precident.  Never does a report come in that a driver upon being recovered from a wrecked vehicle claim that he or she saw one of the dreaded Xenomorphs from James Cameron’s Alien series or one of the Navi people from the same director’s film Avatar.  Why then, is it naturally assumed that a woman would hallucinate spontaneously about as low a profile figure as a vampire?  It seems, therefore, unlikely that the wreck was caused by a hallucination.  Instead, let’s take the alternate explanation: she must have been fully in control of her cognitive faculties when she saw whatever caused her to wreck.

Many people like to dress up in ways that make them look like vampires.  An entire subculture has been built around dressing up and behaving like a creature of the night.  So whether or not it was truly supernatural, it seems likely that something could have suddenly come out of the darkness at the edge of the road and given her a real scare.

So why do most people naturally assume a witness is either lying or hallucinating when it comes to subjects outside the norm even if they do have a seemingly natural explanation?  Perhaps that’s just the habit so many of us get into that we fail to take into consideration the possibility that these witnesses are now living with something that the general public will find difficult to believe, but for them is frighteningly real.