Gerry Vassilatos

The messages engraved in the heart of certain discoveries and inventions, many
times, may take years of earnest search to unlock.  I believe this to be so
because we perceive that Space Itself is Intelligent; and any Ray of Discovery
which is sent into any sensitive recipient sends within itself deep messagings
into new foundations from which it issues forth.

Such is the case with the very great and profound discoveries of Dr. Thomas
Henry Moray, whose notes and letters have been searched through for decades
with little progress, save perhaps in the venues of philosophy and basic
understandings concerning Space.  This, we maintain, is because no one has
made any significant post-developmental work upon this great discoverer’s
designs in the physical sense.  All subsequent work has been verbal and
cognitive.  It is well within the power of certain devices of legendary
position to generate such intense mental focussings in suited populations of

Recently I have been fortunate enough to experience a series of observations
which may hold the secret of a new power for us, and a means of unlocking many
of these mysteries which have captivated our imaginations, hopes, and
expectations.   For a long while I have been carefully studying telluric
energies (earth veinic energies) and have been experiencing the varieties of
sensations which do accompany the regular surgings within these ground-

First to be mentioned is the Black Ray energy, which I will speak of in
certain future papers, and which is thrillingly present along the whole course
of any major veinic line.  This Black Ray is seen and felt as a shining black
zone of extreme absorptivity, and is seen especially at night near certain
structures (natural and/or man-made).

If one should look carefully around street lamps at certain wintery times of
the year (after sunset has passed) one will see these aureoles of radiant
shining blackness.  These zones are specifically focussed, and seem to emanate
from specific spots in stonewalls, iron fences, the ground itself, certain
trees, poles and posts of iron, and many more places than I can here mention.

Suffice it to be said that this Black Ray sparkles out of specific spots in
stonewalls, iron fences, the ground itself, certain trees, poles and posts of
iron, and many more places than I can here mention.  Suffice it to be said
that this Black Ray sparkles out of specific materials best, and (when in
maximum surge) rises up above the ground in a shield or crown of beautiful

Within these natural enclosures of energy, one may experience a very
meaningful array of sensations.  In fact, within such an energy shield, one
realizes the validity of many anciently held views of the experiential realms
which meet and inter-relate throughout the vast reaches of Space.  It is
possible to find zones of pure beauty, or of pure form;  these, along with
their other number of major experiencings, are maximized at specific

The angulations of these directed energies is all-important, and one may
actually peer up through such a shield into the very deeps of the Vastness
and receive great sudden surges of transcendent knowing.  The very deep
emotional content of these constant personal surgings can never be adequately
described.  Only experience of these may ever share the true sense of fusion
with the telluric energies.

Within such realms of experience, there have come certain more recent
discoveries which may bring about a true and basic understanding of many
scientific mysteries we have long focussed upon.  We have focussed our
detailed studies upon certain discoveries and designs, because these were
granules of pure experience generated ex nihilo in the minds of their
inventors.  They are messages as well as glorious machines, which Space Itself
is sending into us.  Therefore, they have this sense of mystery written within
them along with an eloquent beauty and form which is indescribable.  They are
pivot-points for the minds of sentient beings to tap experience from.  And we
have been captivated by them, for they are mythologic objects.

While peering along a main telluric vein (which I have determined near my
home) certain visual and mental phenomena began to occur with increasing
regularity which I would now like to describe.  The Main Veinic passes in an
angular route past my kitchen window.  It nearly follows the main roadway off
into the distance.  While many of us recognize that “ley lines” often become
(nearly) such main roadways in human affairs, we will not venture into a
detailed study of that phenomenon.  Neither will we speak more of the many
ways in which the telluric energy will reveal itself to planners and builders
who give names such as “Woodrow”, “Odell”, “Lelane” and the like to those
roadways which coincide with the local earth geometry.

While I have often found these names amusing whenever I see them, I find their
associated energies to be much more.  I had been in the study of certain
geometries and their effect upon the Black Ray energy.  I also was marvelously
drawn to begin study of the various materials which, in certain geometric
array, would affect the receptivity and experience of the participant within
the energetic realm mentioned.  Watching the Black Ray energy along that road-
veinic I was suddenly surprised by a series of sudden and consistent “wavings”
which were visual.

Imagine looking at a normal scene at night, and seeing black ripples of the
most delicate sort passing from Space down into the ground.  These were not
regular in sequence, neither were they isolated (“out there”) from me.  I was
much a part of that sensation.  In fact, the experience was a total one; one
in which distinctions of observer-participant were melting away.  Later on,
while in a state of great enthusiasm, I began to determine whether the effect
itself might be enhanced in some way.  I found that these effects were never
strongly experienced away from the Veinic Axis.  I also found that because of
this, they were never reported for lack of consistent observations.

The second phase of these researches were aimed at determining whether or not
certain local disturbances were being modified by local materials and their
geometries.  I found that a great “loading” of the roadway with iron fencing
was a primary source of accumulation of the effect.  Numerous other iron
posts, and strings of strong halogen street lamps also gave strength to the
effect.  But it was the very window I was peering through which gave the
strongest sense of acting as a “visuator” of the phenomenon.

Many times I have noted the appearance of an outer glow coming into an
ordinary window, angulated (as built) with a local major vein in the ground.
It is vital to note that these effects are strongest experienced when they are
aligned and placed near these veinic passages in the ground.  Place and
position are all important.  The activity and attitude of 20th Century
scientism is that objects and experimental apparatus will act the same in any
position.  This stems from two very erroneous conceptions.

First, there is the “scientismic” belief that effects are causes.  When
scientists make study of mass-length-time, they are merely studying the
inertial effects of formative energies, and therefore are studying only the
smoothened surface of an inertial realm which they have strengthened and
focussed.  True reality is an entire spectrum of experiences, with
subjectivity as the rule.  Many phenomena would pass unnoticed were they to
be measured by inert clocks alone.  Time, in its truth, is a subjectively
known wonder.

Our aim should be to devise means of sharing our perceptions directly with
others through the use of new devices.  Such a study is found in Radionics
and Psychotronics, the frontiers of the future.  The second fallacy which the
scientismic crafts are advancing for endorsement is the notion that “the
object summons the forces” rather than that the forces generate and sustain
the object.

Now the “object” of which we speak may be any experimental apparatus, any
power device — any material focus of consciousness.  What scientists claim is
possession of “absolute” objects — those whose functions persist because of
their own ability to force the forces out of their own angulations and natural
course.  What we have asserted is a very respectful and surrendered
participation with ordained natural energies — the true energies of the
Vastness.  Within this structure, we may design, structure, and arrange our
devices with ease.  Many of these are passive types of machines, whose
functions fail whenever they are taken out of cooperative relationship within
the ground-veinic angulations we have used.  The strongest, most severe form
of dynamic is to be found herein alone.

The glow seen on wintery days comes through an angulated window whenever
certain conditions are met.  Have you ever seen the “blue orgone glow” coming
from the outside whenever the snow is freshly fallen?  You will only see it
powerfully when an incandescent lamp is on within the house.  Turn the lamp
off and look outside through the window again.  The bluish glow is gone.

Only the hard grey of the natural light will be seen.  Another effect which
requires a small bit of close observation is the manner in which the bluish
glow spreads uniformly over the crown of the glass window.  The smooth glow
will spread out across the pane slowly, after the incandescent bulb is lit.
Try the effect several times just to convince yourself that the effect is
real.  When the lamp is off the glow dissolves away.

The kitchen window I was peering through had a simple, thin-vaned, horizontal
venetian blind over it.  Immediately above this, and recessed, is a downward-
aimed incandescent spotlight of low power.  This “haphazard” arrangement has a
very warm and beautifully attractive artistic sense to it — the very mark of
a natural radionic arrangement.  When viewing the Veinic Line through this
arrangement, the Blackwave effect was enormously magnified.  I tested this
with the lamp off, and the effect resumed its natural intensity.  With the
blinds removed, the effect remained again at natural intensity.  But with both
blinds adjusted and spotlight on, the effect was enormously powerful.

I have been making observations through this natural visuator for quite awhile
now, and have much more to say about the effect and its meaning in other
directions of technological pursuit.  The sudden and powerful awareness of
exactly what we are observing herein may offer us a reasonable and strong
entry into what Dr. Thomas Henry Moray was actually developing.

The second step in approaching this possibility must invite the work of Mr.
Dan Winter in the field of Dirac-wave detections.  In a marvelous paper, Mr.
Winter described an experiment which he and his associate performed.  It is
perhaps the most important such experiment to date in the field of Moray
research.  In this specific experiment, Mr. Winter structured two very
modified galena crystal radio detectors.  Each of the fine wire “catwhiskers”
was prepared to hold a minute piece of carnotite.  These crystal detectors
were separated and each metered suitably.

What the team discovered was a strange phenomenon of correspondence between
each arrangement, though separation was maintained.  Whenever any radioactive
material is placed in an electrically conductive circuit, several strange
effects are noted.  These are never mentioned in the finest graduate texts,
and they are even rarely mentioned in such excellent experimenter’s texts as
by Pohl — if, in fact, they may be found at all any longer.

I believe that certain of the sundry details involving the sudden and
mysterious increase of line-conductivity within a radioactively loaded
circuit, and the increase of voltage with certain radioactive diodes, the
spurious sudden anomalies of high-voltage spikes and the like — all are kept
in the rarest of secrets.  What Mr. Winter observed was a strange surging
correspondence between two separated radioactive detectors.

This should not be, according to classically promoted radioactive “laws”.
Radioactivity, for the university people, is an unalterable, immutable
condition of certain materials.  All radiations are emitted in a regularly
consistent spray, according to them.  No variations within the ray-field of
any radioactive sample — no pulsatory phenomena — have ever been reported.

If such were the case, then huge power stations could be made merely from the
natural radioactivity of certain substances.  Paul Brown had chronicled the
history of such patented nuclear batteries as far back as 1926, and had
claimed that Moray’s device was just such a nuclear battery.  We can hardly
agree, although I find Mr. Brown’s papers marvelous, and his research
thrilling in every aspect.

I may describe the steps involved in proving that Moray was not building mere
nuclear batteries.  I must also include the mention of an experiment performed
by an associate of Dr. Moray — a researcher who has developed an interesting
device reminiscent of Philo Farnsworth’s cold-cathode power tube, although
along his own lines and originality of thought.  Mr. Hart has a tube which is
depressurized and filled with a mixture of mercury and helium.  Within this
tube are two screens which are saturated with carnotite.  Each end of the tube
has an electrode, and these are connected (electrode and screen) to a 4000
volt transformer.

When the A.C. power switched on, there is a sudden transformation in the room
as the tube begins to thunder and rattle.  The sounds outside the tube are
said, by Mr. Winter, to resemble small lightning strokes.  Geiger counters
held far from the apparatus simply go off the scale.  Contrary to the opinions
of some observers of this phenomenon, we believe that a strange dynamic surge
fluxes through the room — we do not believe that it is a mere electromagnetic
disturbance which effects the Geiger tube “jam”.

Such radio-electric phenomena must be better chronicled and collated.  Dr.
Moray did not have the resources to purchase radium chloride in suitable
quantities to achieve the initial 5 KW outputs which he demonstrated.  Neither
would he expose personnel and self to dangerous fluxes of rays with his
detectors, were they of these varieties.  I do not believe he would carry
these in his pocket (as he did on several occasions) were these dangerous
radium tubes.  To achieve the greater outputs which he demonstrated later on
(the 50 KW devices) he did not need to purchase more radium chloride.

The very mystery of Dr. Moray’s device rests on his discovery of mutual,
irregular pulsations which he found two or more detectors to demonstrate.
Such regional, environmental effects could only be due to an external agent of
far greater power than even that of radioactivity.  In fact, when Dr. Moray
saw this phenomenon at work, then he realized the validity of Nikola Tesla’s
belief of the real cause of radioactivity.

Tesla believed that any material which was demonstrating the continuous
emission of fine particles as energetic as he detected them to be, must surely
be under an even more intense bombardment.  Such a bombardment must surely be
due to a particulated emission which was ever more fine than those rays being
emitted.  That specific materials were the ones manifesting these continuous
emissions indicated that certain densities of matter were required before
interceptions of these “cosmic rays” could occur.

Only certain nuclei would intercept these rays and explode under impact.  This
is far from what we have been told in the halls of academia.  The leading
physics persons of the day will (in the same breath) tell you that all
phenomena are self-generated and insular, while also asserting that there can
be no spontaneous manifestations of energy without an outside agent.  If
“radioactive atoms” are spontaneously exploding because of some internal
resonant condition, then what is causing that disturbance?

Only Tesla’s deduction may point us in the way of further discoveries
concerning radioactivity.  But nuclear batteries are not what we are about
here.  When Tesla described his “cosmic-ray” theory of radioactivity, he was
allowing possibilities into the scenario which the academicians do not support
or believe.  One of these would be the fact that radioactive samples could be
altered and limited from their “half-life” — a fact which both Gustav LeBon
and Moray demonstrated repeatedly.  This was accomplished by simply heating
any sample to a good red heat, and watching the radioactivity drop to less
than a third of its intensity.

Gustav LeBon described these findings repeatedly in his excellent texts, and
he told of the varieties of changes which could be detected in the kinds of
rays emitted thereafter.  In fact, he took radium itself and reduced its
radioactivity so far that a few days later were required before emissions were
back up to level.  All these phenomena make the academic claims of “immutable”
radioactivity very suspicious.  Perhaps certain groups — groups heavily
invested in the radium and uranium markets — do not want this data to become
widely known.

Paul Brown’s great work on nuclear batteries would bring these moguls to their
knees if sufficient numbers of foreign competitors in the global village could
force the greedy into the old frontier.  Such batteries have an output many
times exceeding those of fission-plants, were their size taken in proportion.

Gustav LeBon mentioned that ordinary materials could be made into radioactive
sources by simply exposing them to specific bands of ultraviolet light.  Such
effects were due to resonant breaking of materials under the specific dynamic
absorbed — aluminum into rays.  A complete dissolution of the material would
be transformed into usable energy, with no waste matter at all!

Dr. LeBon’s vision of Atomic energy was more sublime than the scientific
personnel at Los Alamos ever dreamed of.  What Dr. LeBon spoke of was the
release of Intra-Atomic energy — energy of pure matter —  into pure ether
again.  Such energy release would require either electrical triggering or
ultra-violet triggerings at specific resonant frequencies.

When once the process was initiated (under perfect control) it would release
more energy than that of the trigger.  Energy so released would result in the
perfect conversion of material into ether directly.

The atomic energy of the archetypical visitor “Klaatu” (in the epic “The Day
The Earth Stood Still”) spoke of such an atomic energy.  In fact, the very
props used in depicting the craft and its inner workings, are so “radionically
emissive” that one wonders why few considered this idea in their own research.
The vision of great discoverers can never be suppressed.  Such extreme power
radiates from their minds into those many others, sensitive and receptive
enough to permute the original power.  Another movie (“This Island Earth”)
permutes the notions of Reich and  Moray very splendidly.  These permutations
into art will be discussed elsewhere.

Whenever the source of an effect is immeasurably quenched, then the resultant
observation with detectable meters will result in a proportionate

What Dr. Moray discovered was not a nuclear battery effect.  He was not using
the radioactive material in its raw power of explosiveness to generate
electricity.  His discovery is sublime and glorious in every aspect, and
represents a true leap into the unknown.  If this is grasped and harnessed
now, then we will have achieved our purpose herein.

Dr. Moray had discovered that radioactivity is variable.  He discovered that,
while using two or more detection apparatuses of the radioactive kind, a
signal of very high voltage could be secured rather mysteriously.  While
searching for the answers to these strange phenomena, he studied Dr. LeBon’s
texts rather deeply.  In these he found the evidence that radioactivity was
not a continuous immutable process at all.

Tesla had offered a reasonable argument for the bombardment theory of
radioactivity.  If radium was behaving as a simple target material for a very
rare and powerful cosmic ray surging, then the saturating surges of these
strange particles would have strong “breaks” within them.  These would reveal
themselves as pulses in any radium sample.  No one had detected these “breaks”
because radium is so powerful and copious a source of rays and particles.  But
the key was to examine two detectors, spaced at a distance.

Should we examine Dr. Moray’s schematics, we will find the two-detector
coupling clearly drawn.  What should occur whenever a “breakline” passes
through the device and laboratory?  If the breakline is fine enough, then even
slight separation between the two detectors should suffice in releasing sudden
powerful voltage surges.  Why should this occur?  We would conjecture that the
source-energy which produces radioactivity  (being external and vast in
potential)  to cause such mutation, must possess huge potentials and
differences of potential.

Should such a wave (in an infinitesimal fraction of time) pass across such a
detector arrangement, then extremes of electrical stress will be caused to
appear along the line.  While the null-zone of this wave passes over the one
detector, a deep and sudden drop would evince itself while the other detector
would emit more particles into the line.

To re-emphasize our assertion:  If Dr. Moray were using radium chloride in his
valves, what were  their function at all?  The power of a nuclear battery is
great, but the power Dr. Moray was using through these valves of his was
transcendently more potent.  Nikola Tesla’s belief in the bombardment theory
of radioactivity left us with a second possibility when observing

If Tesla was correct, then fluxions within the bombarding source — those
“cosmic rays” of his — would also create fluxions between two or more
radioactive materials if measured through a distance.  This is exactly what
Dan Winter and his associate found.  This is exactly  what powers Dr. Moray’s
devices.  The so-called “cosmic rays” of Dr. Tesla are not those which Geiger
tubes and any other detector may ever detect:  they are transcendingly intense
rays, of material virtually as fine as the ether itself.

In Prof. Lebon’s words these are “particles which have undergone such an
advanced degree of disintegration that they are nearly etheric in state”.  In
Dr. Tesla’s words they are “particles not further decomposable”.  In essence,
we are discovering the very same thing.  Should particles of this quasi-
etheric nature (particles so rare and copious) pass through certain materials,
should they not in fact alter them?  Such alterations may never be detected by
our own perceptions?  Dr. Moray also delved into these studies with altered
materials, and Jorge Resines has written an excellent treatise on this
subject.  But surges within these energies as waves power the Moray device.

What intrigues us now is the passage of these quasi-etheric particles.  For if
such particles are so fine, might they not actually coalesce and form a
virtually “solid” pulsation across a very wide reach of the Vastness?  Such
tenuously marvelous wavings would pass directly through materials
enharmonically — two very different parts of a single extended material might
undergo variant strains under such passage.  In fact, we are here discussing
the transformation of the infinitesimal into the macroscopic.  Such waves
represent deeper fluxuals within that source of quasi-etheric particles.

Their group variations are detected with two or more separated devices —
radioactive detectors, say.  But what are these Blackwaves?  What do they
represent and where are they generated?  Surely they must be much, much more
than mere electrical stimulations within a cosmic gallery. This we maintain
because of the very interactive manner in which we have perceived them
directly as described.

When I first experienced them I was immediately struck with the notion that
these were the very waves which Dr. Moray was utilizing within his mysterious
radiant energy device.  Whenever these Blackwaves pass through a region there
is great inspiration.  Their natural passage is frequent enough, but we need
to develop better actuators of this experience.  In our researches we have
determined various materials to be concentrators and strengtheners of these

We have also determined very specific geometries which enhance the
experiencing of the waves in a most personal sense.  It seems that horizontal
slats of metal seem to best permit the direct viewing and participation within
the revealed “envelope” of the Blackwaves.  Any radiant source seems to
strengthen their appearance.  These include low-power incandescent bulbs,
radio receivers, magnets, ferrites and even the intake of certain nutrients.

The direct experiencing of a visual display where sudden “ripples” begin in a
watery manner to descend is a glorious sensation.  Many of us have known these
sensations on black wintery nights when the Blackwaves make their passage
naturally.  But we hold this experience so rare, so marvelous and so very
powerful, that we wish to maintain their beneficial presence in concentrated

We have realized that these Blackwaves hold a profound secret within their
passages — they seem to be waves of external awarenesses.  Whenever we
experience them, we suddenly sense a total “meshing” with the External
Vastness.  This experience is so very potent, so utterly glorious in its
ability to transform and strengthen outer-consciousness, that we desire it
continuously — even in the daytime; even during the summer months when
clarity seems lost in the misty heat.  The strengthening of these species of
energies — these “dynamidae” — is our aim.

To this end we have designed various devices which concentrate and focus the
Black Ray energies in the various modes which will transform us into a
clarified and “galactic” awareness.  We believe that notables such as Tesla
did realize the importance of developing such psychotronic appliances with an
aim toward the pure use of new dynamidae.  These waves pass right through
materials ordinarily.

When specific materials (radioactive in the academic sense) of suitable
density and crystal structure (crystal symmetry) intercept them, then strains
and alterations occur within these materials.  This may explain “metal
fatigue” and sudden chaotic events within a room.  Persons of suitable
sensitivity may actually sense these changes within their own bodies.  Others
may possess the ability of sensing these tensions between objects.

A simple personal experiment involves the use of two street lamps.  Many such
energies may be detected by the human organism alone.  In particular, one may
make use of the “wandering eye” phenomenon in order to detect Blackwave
passage between the lamps.  I have used this method in determining the
telluric energies which saturate buildings and which discharge suddenly from
them.  These I will report in a future article.

In any event, we may allow our eyes and bodies to become detectors and
participator elements within regional happenings.  This is a natural source of
wisdom; for the very message of these energies must be made personal and
inward from the external.  Glancing at two separate lamps, one often finds
that the eyes are suddenly diverted from one to the other as if forcibly
motivated by some naturally desired effort.  The sensation is not unlike a
very pleasant gliding sensation along a resistance-free path.  The eyes then
may suddenly shift back to the first lamp, as if the will was permitted to
reassert its gaze.

These pulsations of the eyes and inner being reveal a new subjective means of
determining “dowseable” energies.  The human organism is a detector of these
strains and tensions through space.  My question remains; what is the source
of these regional strains?  What is the cause of the potential differences?
If we study Dr. Moray’s schematics (Jorge Resines’ booklet on this complex
secret is an excellent source of newer designs on the topic) we see not one
detector, but two detectors coupled together.  What would  be the effect of
a radioactive wave-passage through a room?  Any material capable of revealing
the tension would do so — these (in the personal energies) we have discussed.

What if the researcher were examining the electrical characteristics of a
suitable circuit?  Would that person necessarily discover sudden surges in the
lines having no explanation for them?  Would such a circuit as Dr. Moray’s
detect sudden huge potential changes in the transforming circuitry?  Yes.

Why?  Because the radioactivity of the radium chloride samples depends upon
these sudden etheric-wave pulses which are penetrating our enclosures.  These
sources of the radioactivity would cause a phenomenon of sudden variation of
the total radiant flux coming out of the samples.  While these variations may
not be detected in single detecting tubes (because of their possible brevity),
they would result in huge, sudden events within a double-stage detector
because of the deep potential difference across the lines.

Any charge source would then necessarily emit a burst of charge into the line
at very high voltage.  This is exactly what Dr. Moray had found.  His
discovery was that there do exist these regional wavings throughout Space.
This made the use of a radioactive particle detector more than a mere nuclear
battery.  The energy contained in these Blackwaves is enormously powerful.  It
exceeds the output of the radioactive materials by several factors.

What we are using here is the potential difference of the Blackwave passage
through the device, coupled with the radioactive material emissions within the
line.  The detector valves must necessarily be separate though not far apart.
Should they be connected in parallel (which they are) then the resultant
signal will be a heterodyned signal, capable of being further amplified
through feedback circuits and stages.

The detector valves which contain the radium chloride serve merely as
detectors of waves which (electrically) are rarely seen within the systems
used in laboratories.  Certain circuits have revealed sudden anomalous high
voltage spikes, which may find their explanations in these considerations.

We may search throughout our memories in order to make correlations with this
new information.  We need to determine the specific places and structures
which may make use of Blackwaves and the potential differences which are vast
along their surfaces.  We need to determine their periodicity, and this would
necessarily begin at Dr. Moray’s determinations.  He placed these within the
gamma-ray bands, but did not imply that the energies were gamma-rays proper.
These Blackwaves are longitudinal waves which ripple through all materials in
a “solid” manner — they behave as if they were large surfaces having
macrostructures of the order perhaps of a solar system in their length.

Neither must they proceed in perfect sharp processions.  They may proceed in a
rippling, nearly tenuous, gossamer-like pattern.  Shifting to and fro as they
drift, these may behave more like fabric than rigid steel.  Their visual
experience — if in fact they are the same phenomenon — seems to indicate
tremendously potent interactive ability.  Their function in our own
experiencing and mentation patterns cannot be under estimated.  They seem to
carry with them every aspect of a wondrous, beauteous structuring.  They seem
to bring in a “crystalliq” elegance whenever powerfully experienced.

I must mention that the effects of these Blackwaves within electrical circuits
seems to be the very least functional capability of these strange messengers
through the Vastnesses.  The etheric theoretics of our last century had
visualized such things as these waves.  Perhaps we have not really appreciated
their true example and integrity because of all the later hostilities aimed at
their protagonists.  But, we ask, can all experiences be measured and
relegated to the inertial view of the Vastness?

The very great wisdom had by certain ancient philosophers exceeds all inert
consideration.  Aristotle spoke of “atoms of qualities” which we must
consider.  Whenever I see the Blackwaves in their passages through my
experience, I know that our ancestors were indeed, closer to the true nature
of the Experience we share than their modern “enlightened” counterparts.
Consideration of qualities will lead us out of inertia.  These Blackwaves are
very minute in pulse length.  They are not electrical in nature.  They are
longitudinal in nature.  They occur in “naturally anticipated” pulses — they
are not clock-perfect in their appearances.

Dr. Moray’s devices make use of special circuitry which accommodates these
many characteristics as he discovered them.  The potentials cause extremely
great voltages to suddenly appear and disappear.  Radioactivity seems to be
the best detector of these energies which are not themselves radioactivity
proper.  The heterodyned signal of electrical charge carriers is the power in
Dr.  Moray’s devices.  This is the self-strengthening energy in his circuits.

The tremendous surge between two detectors as a result of the passage of a
Blackwave through the apparatus is simple to comprehend.  The temporary
cessation of radioactivity in the one sample will result in a huge sudden
surge of charge into the deeply neutral Blackwave core between samples.  These
would be experienced as strong high frequency sparks.  This is precisely what
Dr. Moray and the others who observed his device did notice repeatedly.

What the Blackwave line represents is a region of mysterious nullifications
and intensifications.  Either edge along the processional of these “solid”
waves generates regions of intense energy.  These zones cause what we observe
in certain substances: radioactivity.  In truth, all materials are
radioactive.  Dr. LeBon showed this truth in many various ways experimentally,
and described them in his texts (“The Evolution of Matter”, “The Evolution of
Force”, and “The Evolution of  Energy And Matter”).

What he and Tesla claimed was that different materials dissociate into ether
through a series of natural transformations. This they do in steps, and
manifest these changes by the showers of particulate and wavelike emissions
until this total transformation has occurred.  All substances were equally
radioactive, but certain substances seemed to evidence specific detectable
particles in greater rapidity.  Whereas radium was a very active element in
this dissociating process, aluminum was equally as radioactive under the
proper conditions.

Dr. Le Bon revealed certain conditions where zinc and aluminum released far
more radioactivity than radium itself.  This knowledge leads directly into the
study of Radionics, and must include all rays dowseable as well.  Wherever the
Blackwaves sweep across radioactive materials the particle power-zones appear.

While these may be too short and infrequent of interval to commonly detect, a
pair of detectors spaced a distance apart and connected in parallel will
evidence a singularly powerful high-frequency heterodyned signal.

We invite all experimenters to attempt reproduction of these paths into the
legendary; for surely there awaits the venturers a glorious prize in this
noble quest and calling.