Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Photo Causes a Wave of Illuminati Rumors

You’d have to be born yesterday if you are Kim Kardashian, and do not know what the Illuminati is…especially when the man you plan on marrying is rumored to belong to the secret society. Kanye West has been denying the rumors for many years now, and Kardashian honestly thinks people will believe that she has no clue whatsoever that it exists or what it is. That was the response that the reality star gave when people started to press her on the meaning behind a very Illuminati-related photo that she recently posted on her Instagram account.

Ever since Kardashian began to slowly make a comeback into the spotlight after enduring extreme fat-shaming and online bullying for the weight she gained during her pregnancy, she’s also been posting pictures and making in-your-face statements to get the critics stirring. For starters, she posted a very revealing bathing suit photo online that she admitted was a ‘take that’ move for those who criticized her baby weight gain during her pregnancy. Now, the most recent picture to cause a social media to take notice is her ‘happy birthday’ wishes to friend, Brittny Gastineu.

It wasn’t the birthday wishes this past Wednesday that got people talking, but was instead, the way in which she chose to celebrate the occasion – with a photo collage made on Instagram that incorporated a rather Illuminati-associated symbol – the pyramid with an all-seeing eye. It is highly unlikely that Kardashian has never seen this symbol before, or is unaware of the history behind such a symbol.

Accompanying the collaged picture was the caption: “Happy Birthday to my best friend… We’ve shared soooo many memories over the past years! I love you!”

Immediately after her post went public, Kardashian found herself bombarded with fans questioning her affiliation or support for the secret society that so many believe soon-to-be husband is a part of. However, she responded with: “What is the illuminate? A religion?… I’m a Christian. A cult?… not into that sorry!”

In an attempt to further dispel Illuminati rumors, she went on to defend her choice of the graphic that appeared at the center of her photo collage. The eye reminded her of Gastineu’s company, which is called ‘eye on glam,’ and she continued on by saying that the image also reminded her of the evil eye bracelets that the two girls wear. Kardashian finished off by saying, “So sorry guys it was just a cool design I saw on one of those IG collage apps.”

For someone who is constantly surrounded by and affected by nosy reporters, aggressive news outlets, the rumor mill, and a variety of personalities related to Hollywood and the music world, it is extremely  hard to swallow that Kardashian has no idea why posting such a pic would attract the attention that it has gotten. It is also not too far-fetched to assume that perhaps the reality star was intentionally toying with the media and her critics by blatantly posting the pic that incorporated such a distinct connection to the Illuminati.