Think and Grow Poor

“Think” And Grow Poor
 by: Dr. Larry Stepanowicz

Has anyone “rattled your cage” lately? You remember the phrase!

And you’ve certainly heard of ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ the success classic written by Napoleon Hill back in 1928. Though it’s sold countless copies over the years and is a perennial favorite that’s highly recommended to each succeeding crop of would-be entrepreneurs, it’s hardly made the kind of impact on the world a book of this nature is capable of making.

It kind of makes you wonder, do we think, or don’t we?

That’s a question worth considering!

Somewhere back in the 1600’s, French philosopher Rene Descartes made his famous observation: Cogito, ergo sum — “I think, therefore I am.”

Now, think about it!

Does that mean that if we don’t think, we aren’t?

At it’s depth, the statement holds a profound truth of its own.

But on its surface, a lot of us only think we are!

In this sense, most people really aren’t. In fact what we call society, isn’t! It’s all imagined, all a sham. It looks real because nearly everyone participates, but at its core, it’s no more than a conditioned illusion. The “emperor” really “has no clothes!”

Conditioned “thought” is not thinking! But if we “think” in this way, that is, responded to conditioning, we will most certainly grow poor! It’s why most everyone is poor — or in debt, which amounts to the same thing!

Most of what we do really isn’t based on thought, but on conditioning and emotions!

Of course, emotions do have a life of their own. It can easily be said, “I feel, therefore I am” or “I hurt, therefore I am.” And you may recognize the latter as a place where many find a false sense of life!

But emotions aside, most people are doomed to be poor because of their conditioned “thinking” — the way their minds have been trained and the way they put them to use or, rather, disuse.

For example…

If you think you need to watch some spectacle like the Superbowl instead of taking an active part in your own life, “think” and grow poor!

If you think lighting up a cigarette at $40 per carton is ‘cool’ or necessary, “think” and grow poor!

If you think this country is a ‘democracy,’ “think” and grow poor. (Clue: It’s a republic but you are being heavily lied to and conditioned against even knowing this, let alone realising just what that difference is and what that difference means. Hint: Ask yourself why?)

If you think the government is out to help you, “think” and grow poor!

If you think a job, a new job, any job is the ‘answer,’ “think” and grow poor!

If you think you have any ‘income,’ “think” and grow poor!

The list is endless!

There are people who are poor because they “think” all business is evil, Network Marketing is a scam, their friends, relatives, or neighbors who have never done anything with their lives know better than someone who has, that ‘you get what you pay for’, ‘the grass is always greener…’ or ‘don’t rock the boat.’

And if you’re a black or a woman who “thinks” you can’t make it, ask yourself why you want to make it THERE, anyway!

Making it ‘there’ is a struggle for most people, no matter the color or gender. “Here” to use the familiar phrase “is where it’s at.” If you realize that ‘here’ is your mind and then you actually use your mind, you can think and grow rich, for change!

Much success!

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