Chinese Astrology , Year of the Tiger

The Tiger is found in the third zodiac location in Chinese astrology. When compared to Western astrology, it is seen as the equivalent of Aquarius. In this article, you will learn more about the characteristics associated with the Tiger in Chinese astrology.

Tigers are often seen as natural born leaders, who tend to trudge ahead of others when it comes time for someone to step up to the plate. They are often noble and fearless , quickly gaining the respect of others , even from those who are their opponents. While they are capable of being generous towards others, they can be quite selfish from time to time when it comes to the small things.

Other personality traits of people born under the Year of the Tiger include:

”¢    Tigers are often unpredictable and like to keep their life at a hurried pace.

”¢    At the most unexpected time, you may find that a Tiger can become quite mysterious and softened in their nature.

”¢    Filled with a great deal of confidence, this could also become a downfall for the Tiger at times when overconfidence gets in the way.  

Traditional associations of the Tiger zodiac sign include the east-northeast direction, the winter season, the month of February, the element of wood, the gemstone sapphire, the colors blue and green, and foods, such as poultry and bread.

Are You a Tiger?

You are born under the Year of the Tiger if your birthday falls within these dates in relation to your birth year:

1902: 08 Feb 1902 – 28 Jan 1903 (Water)
1914:  08 Feb 1902 – 28 Jan 1903 (Wood)
1926: 13 Feb 1926 – 01 Feb 1927 (Fire)
1938: 31 Jan 1938 – 18 Feb 1939 (Earth)
1950: 17 Feb 1950 – 05 Feb 1951 (Metal)
1962: 05 Feb 1962 – 24 Jan 1963 (Water)
1974: 23 Jan 1974 – 10 Feb 1975 (Wood)
1986: 09 Feb 1986 – 28 Jan 1987 (Fire)
1998: 28 Jan 1998 – 15 Feb 1999 (Earth)
2010: 14 Feb 2010 – 02 Feb 2011 (Metal)

Compatibility with Tigers

When an individual born under the sign of the Tiger is looking for a love match, they will find good candidates in the Dog sign. This type of union can produce a relationship that is both balanced and harmonious. With lots in common, the Tiger can find a good mate in a Horse sign, while a passionate pairing is found between a Tiger and Snake sign. If a Tiger marries a Dragon, they will have a good union despite facing minor difficulties. A marriage between a Rabbit and Tiger is difficult and could possibly come out of convenience more than love. They may fair better with a Snake as a mate, but finding someone in common will be difficult.

A Tiger is not recommended to start a relationship with its same zodiac sign. In order for the Tiger to have a good relationship with a Rat, they have to both work at the union. Although the Pig and Tiger are quite different, they can work out a good relationship. A Rooster doesn’t provide a Tiger with the balance they need within a relationship. While it is nearly impossible for an Ox and Tiger to get along in a relationship, the worst union is between a Tiger and a Goat.