DC UFO Hits Boston

The latest development in our ongoing coverage of an unidentified flying object spotted above Centreville Virginia has yet another chapter written about it today as the plot deepens.  The mysterious blue orb, filmed by a pedestrian within the city limits now appears to be making a beeline for yet another major city.  This time the object has been spotted in Boston.  And many witnesses are wondering if there is a connection between the two sightings aside from the appearance.

The object involved in the Boston sighting, however, is reportedly largely different from that reported moving just near DC.  Whereas the DC craft hovered and swung through the sky in the distance somewhere within the city limits, the Centreville object reportedly maintained a steady position in the sky.  The strangest element of the sighting reported by witnesses was its ability to fluctuate its size from a relatively small pinpoint of light in the distance to a massive ball incalculable due to conflicting reports of its distance.  As a result it’s difficult to determine just what this object was making it a true UFO.

Interestingly the object was not filmed, but reports from various sources suggest the object was reported to the Mutual UFO Network as well as the FAA and the USAF.  But if no footage was taken, it is difficult to confirm whether this was truly unidentified or simply unidentified to the naked eye by untrained observers (with all due respect to said witnesses).

On the other hand, it is curious that there have been so many reports of Blue UFOs hovering in the distance and up close by witnesses all over the world in recent months.  Perhaps it is only more noticeable now due to an increase in awareness of the phenomenon thanks to an upcoming film displaying blue lit UFOs.  And some have suggested the possibility of a viral marketing campaign set to increase the public’s awareness of the UFO phenomenon by hoaxing elaborate UFO stunts above major cities.  Of course this claim is purely speculation alongside so many others regarding the objects.  Still we are receiving word of the standard explanations including ball lightning and even the classic and rare phenomenon known as swamp gas.

What is this object being seen now over two major cities?  Is it something that could be related to a gradual increase in awareness by the public?  It should be noted that both Boston and Virginia are fairly close (relatively speaking) and the two sightings happened less than 500 miles apart from one another over the course of only a few days.  While reporting the UFO sighting occurring near DC I suggested that if the occurrence were a hoax we would be interested to see what the next move would be made by the hoaxers, and if they would make another appearance in the near future to further capitalize on their venture.  No such appearances have occurred so far, leaving this case truly a mystery.  Is it possible there is something else staring down at us from the skies?