The Numerology of House Numbers , 5 & 6

When exploring house numerology, you may find that you reside at a residence that adds up to a 5 or 6. In order to add up a single digit for house numerology, you should add up the numbers found in your address. For example, if you reside at 141 River Drive, you will add together 1+4+1 to follow the details of a house of ‘6.’ If you should ever add up the number in your address and arrive at a double digit (in the case of 444 Shaver Ave for a total of 12), simple add the 1 and 2 to arrive at a house number of ‘3.’

Single-Digit 5 for House Numerology

Houses that add up to the single digit of five are associated with temporary dwellings. The majority of these homes serve as a brief residence for people who seem to move in and out of their personal spaces often. Number five houses give off the sense of a challenge or new wind of change coming through. New experiences are often connected to this sort of home.

As this kind of house is known for its traveling inhabitants, tenants are usually expected to find a new home quickly and if not , they indulge in the constant change that comes with redecoration. A house that adds up to five is great for a creative mind, especially one in the interior design business, as they can use this space to keep up with the latest trends of home décor. Entertaining family and friends is often a favorite pastime, as such inhabitants enjoy highlighting the new changes in their home setting.

Variety is truly the spice of life for people living in a number 5 house and take any chance to display different themes throughout their residence. However, because this house is prone to constant change and shifts in energy , it is not uncommon to find inhabitants that exhibit a bad temper or who like to start arguments with others. To combat some of these negative vibes, the colors green and pink used throughout the home is suggested.

Single-Digit 6 for House Numerology

The majority of people who thrive in a number 6 house enjoys leading a life full of peace and love. When one steps through the door of this kind of home, the vibrations are certainly strong. If you don’t feel love and comforted when spending time in this numbered home, something is not right. Usually, this sort of house is filled with creativity that is not only beautiful, but also surrounded by a tranquil aura.

Typically, one can feel at ease when paying a visit to this house because of the sense of escape from the business hustle and bustle of the materialistic world. Some people find this numbered house a place of inner peace. Overall, it is believed that a house associated with the number six is the perfect place to enter a session of soul searching. To create positive energy within this home , use shades of rose, pink, and green.