Tarot Cards: The Major Arcana 2

The major arcana of Tarot cards deal with more than an Empress and Emperor; there are other players in this game that deal with hard work, persistence, as well as self-renewal. These can be found when encountering cards, such as the Chariot, the Hermit and the Wheel of Fortune.


The Chariot card is associated with the zodiac sign of the Cancer. If you stick with hard work and determination, you should have no problems when encountering this card. Some sort of control must be taken over your life, in regards to this card. You may even need to enlist the help of a disciplinary. People with negative intentions may try to pierce through your protection emotional armor, but do not let them get the best of you. A warrior-like strength should be implemented into your daily life.


Speaking of Strength, there is a card called just that, which is connected to the zodiac sign of the Leo. Persistence and gentility should be some of the qualities you rely on when encountering this card. Dangerous roads may be faced. You will have to dig deep to pull out the courage and braveness that you will need to exhibit in coming days. When trying to gain respect, you do not have to stoop to their level, but pull from within to get past any adversity. Running from your problems will not solve anything.

The Hermit card, which is connected to the zodiac sign of the Virgo deals with the need to find newness in your life. It calls for a period of self-renewal, which could last a brief moment to leading to a removal from your current social circles. This card demands a certain level of seriousness to move forward. Solitude is not uncommon as you try to learn what can make your life better for the future. Once you return to all you are familiar with, you will be able to enjoy a new outlook on life, as well as a newfound intelligence.
The Wheel of Fortune card has ties with the planet, Jupiter. It signifies the old saying of what comes around, goes around; sort of like the belief in karma. If you are experiencing bad times, the light will shine through and change will be rewarded. You may be entering a time of learning that could be sidetracked at any moment. Things could look up, just as easily as they can look down. There are two sides to everything you will encounter. Remember, with every negative, there is a positive, just as every evil is matched with something good.
The Justice card is attached to the zodiac sign of the Libra, where you may be faced with determining the trustworthiness of an individual. As you seek the truth, you must weigh all of the options. Legal matters may be in your future, as you decipher a variety of facts, as well as fiction. Sometimes, this could be just as easy as following the heart.