Bob Dylan Just Celebrated a Birthday & Still Going Strong”¦Thanks to the Devil?

Born May 24, 1941, singer-songwriter musician, Bob Dylan celebrated his 72nd birthday late last week. For more than five decades, he has been a success in the entertainment industry as a popular figure that has touched upon a variety of topics, including political and philosophical themes. However, he has a curious interview hanging over his head, which gives credit to the Devil for all of his success. This has led many to believe that Dylan sold his soul to the Devil.

During a successful, lengthy career, Dylan became known as the man responsible for writing ”Blowin’ in the Wind’ and ‘The Times They Are a-Changin,’ which played an important role in civil rights in the U.S. and anti-war campaigns. He has crooned about social unrest and other topics of interest that were significant to the changing times. Over the course of his career, he’s dabbled in many different musical genres, including blues, country, jazz, swing, gospel, rock and roll, and even Irish folk music.

There are many who believe that those who have been able to thwart the cutthroat practices and culture of the entertainment industry must have had a bit of help. Some feel those able to stay relevant and succeed may have possibly had help from a ‘different’ hand pulling all the strings. For Dylan, it doesn’t make matters any better to have an infamously recorded interview with Ed Bradley of ’60 Minutes’  that touches upon the subject or having previous ties to the occult that date back to the 1970s.

Sold Soul to the Devil?

When Ed Bradley sat down to interview Dylan, he probably never thought that the musician would hint at the Devil’s hand in playing a part in his success. Bradley asked how Dylan was able to write such good songs in the 1960s, to which the singer replied that he really didn’t know ”“ he said they were “magically written” and that he is unable to recreate the magic anymore. Dylan also mentioned a ‘destiny’ that he believed he was meant to fulfill.

However, the most curious part of the interview comes at the end when Bradley asks, “Why do you still do it…why are you still out here?” Dylan answers, “Well, it goes back to that destiny thing. ”¦I made a bargain with the…(Dylan pauses briefly here and then says”¦) “You know, a long time ago and…I’m…holding up my end…”

Bradley asks, “What was your bargain?”

Dylan answers, “To get where…um…I am now.”

Bradley presses, “Should I ask whom you made the bargain with?”

With a nervous look on his face and stuttering his response, Dylan answers, “With…with…with…yeah, with the Chief…eh…the Chief Commander…”

Bradley asks, “Of this Earth?”

Dylan responds, “Um…of…of this Earth and the world we can’t see.”

You can read between the lines to deduce what Dylan is referring to.

A Victim of Mind Control?

Then, there are Dylan’s ties to suspected ‘programmers,’ such as his close connection to Kris Kristofferson, or his embrace of the Christian faith linked to Billy Graham (who has been noted as a 33rd degree Freemason and suspected programmer).  Part of Dylan’s persona (and success) is the ability to shift from one genre or music to another, but with that also comes changes within his personality, which some of his friends and associates have spoken on the possibility of him having multiple personalities, which can be regarded as a sign of surviving mind control efforts.

What’s Up with the All-Seeing Eye Logo?

During the 1970s, Dylan seemed to display a strong connection to the occult , and even when he supposedly converted to Christianity, one of the logos used in the product merchandise of his Bob Dylan Store incorporates the all-seeing Eye of Horus (with crowns no less). This Illuminati-related symbol is the same one that is found on the back of a $1 dollar bill. The use of this symbol is not by accident, and Dylan is well aware of what it means. You can still see this logo used throughout the current Bob Dylan Store website.