Dialog on the End Of The World in 2012

From: Gray Shockley ([email protected])
Subject: The Year 2012 of the NWO [was:!! New Militia Bust– Sivik !! Update 3]
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Date: 2004-04-08 09:30:03 PST

On Thu, 8 Apr 2004 4:59:37 -0500, Joseph Pothier wrote
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> Good Morning Newsgroup Readers,
> Associated Press reports today [040408] that Braveheart Militia
> militiaman Darrell Sivik’s erstwild cohort George Bilunka will be held
> without bond until his trial.
> The article does make an interesting point which I wish to query the
> newsgroup’s more right-leaning members

[chuckle] I’m not sure I qualify but . . .

> about: the story refers to
> Bilunka expecting “the end of the world in 2012.”

I heard about 2012 long before I heard about Y2K (one of the benefits of
being married to an anthropologist).

What I, originally, heard was that the Mayan Calendar “ran out” in 2012. Then
there was a mention of one of Edgar Cayce’s [whom I haven’t read in decades]
sessions mentioning 2012.

I just ran a google search on

            +2012 +cayce

to see if my memory were correct and came up with:


which is /really/ interesting.

> Is the right-wing resurrecting the failed
> 2000 Millennialism already?

In my completely ignorant opinion, this appears to be more likely than not.

Background: okay, for the last fifty years plus, the United States has had a
specific “enemy” and a number – in the last fifteen or so years – much more
nebulous “enemies”.

“Godless, atheistic, non-Biblical, anti-Christian Communism”, of course. Then
followed with what appeared to be the “new threat” of “secular humanism”.

In 1995, I was driving from Virginia to Mississppi and a Sunday and as I was
going through the Carolinas and part of Georgia, I listened to sermons from
five widely-separated stations. All five of the preachers were preaching
against this “secular humanism”. There was no doubt in my mind that this
“secular humanism” was the new “enemy”; that we had internalized the “enemy”
and as Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy and he is us”.

And it seemed to disappear as quickly as it appeared; amalgamated rather
quickly into the new, expanded and improved internal “enemy”, the rather
silly-sounding “New World Order”.

But the Y2K component ended up a bust and it – combined with the criminal
convictions of so many people who were associated with the “pay-triot and
not-for-prophet” groups – ended up with more people ridiculing – rather than
being impressed by – these groups. [end synopsis]

> Are you now expecting the Second Coming in 2012,

I think you may have asked the most interesting question of all those which
will be asked in the next eight years: is this, heck, /can/ this be twisted
from a calendar in a Western religion to a “religious event” in an Eastern

Now Edgar Cayce was a Presbyterian Sunday School teacher but – I think – he
made direct reference to the Mayan Calendar so that would, perhaps, still be
too tenuous a link to Christianity.

> or is this just the Second Fleecing?

My guess is yes. But I still want to know
how 2012 is going to be fed to the victims.


Gray Shockley
When trouble arises and things look bad, there is always one
individual who perceives a solution and is willing to take
command. Very often, that individual is crazy. -Author Unk


> Yours,
> JP
> Happy Harpy








> +++++++++++++++++++
> Associated Press, `Second Alleged Militia Member to Remain In Jail,` 040408.
> ERIE, Pa. (AP)”” The second of two men federal authorities say sold a
> homemade machine gun to an undercover federal agent will also remain in
> jail until his trial on federal weapons charges, a magistrate has ruled.
> Federal Magistrate Susan Baxter on Wednesday ordered George Bilunka, 59,
> of Atlantic, held without bond after hearing testimony from federal
> agents that he had started his own militia and stockpiled weapons at a
> homemade bunker in preparation for the end of the world in 2012.
> Bilunka’s attorney, David Ridge, unsuccessfully argued that Bilunka
> should be allowed out on bail because he has no criminal record and
> wasn’t likely to flee.
> Federal prosecutors claimed Bilunka is the self-proclaimed leader of a
> militia called the Christian American Patriots Survivalists, who believe
> that the end of the world is near. Bilunka’s goal was to survive until
> 2009, when he believed Jesus Christ would return and usher the end of
> the world 2012.
> To guarantee his survival, federal prosecutors said Bilunka built a
> bunker on his land, about 70 miles north of Pittsburgh, and filled it
> with six months of food and supplies. He also stockpiled about 60
> legally owned guns and plenty of ammunition at his home, preparing for a
> standoff with authorities, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Marshall Piccinini.
> During testimony, federal agents said they believed Bilunka was more
> dangerous than his co-defendant”” 55-year-old Darrell Sivik of Meadville,
> who is also being held without bond.
> Prosecutors allege Sivik claims to lead another militia and planned to
> muster his members at Tionesta Creek in Forest County if government
> agents moved against the group. Sivik planned to lead others to a nearby
> hunting camp where he had arms stashed for a stand against the government.
> Both men were arrested last month on charges of unlawfully possessing
> and transferring a firearm, namely a Sten gun”” an easily manufactured
> 9mm machine gun developed by the British in World War II.
> Federal prosecutors claim the men sold the machine gun to an undercover
> agent for $300 last month. Sivik, a gunsmith, has also been charged with
> making the homemade machine gun.