The Deadly Sugar Pill

A recent study covered by Natural News brought up an interesting point that an analysis of the Placebo effect and its extremes could disrupt the effects of drugs that would otherwise help people and render them useless simply by the power of disbelief.  Pain medication was shown to be less effective if it was claimed beforehand that the medication was a sugar pill.  But what if we could take the principle learned from that experiment and use it to improve the human condition?

If we were able to program our minds to receive all forms of medication to enjoy the same benefits as any placebo effect it could have far reaching benefits to allow everyone in the world to be able to have a lesser form of several pharmaceuticals (and in some cases equally effective ones) just through positive thinking.  And if that were the case, several different drug companies would go out of business.

So where’s the conspiracy?  Perhaps it’s not the same as the thrilling UFO base stories we’re used to, but if you think about it the answer is quite clear.  By simply designing a pill for everything drug companies are creating problems that can have psychosomatic effects.  Hypochondria – a disease where the sufferer believes they are afflicted with phantom illnesses – is becoming more common than ever before.  And with new diseases being invented after the drugs themselves are created there’s much attention on the drug cartels suggesting something is amiss.

Consider the following.  Could you imagine for a moment if someone had attempted to approach Richard the Lionheart and say, “Do thy legs feel restless sovereign?  Perhaps thou should get thee to an apothecary and inquire about restless leg syndrome.”  It sounds ridiculous.  And yet somehow the same human race that dragged elephants across the Alps to approach battle is suddenly rendered helpless by their own legs in a comfortable chair and require medicine.  Furthermore the epidemic is so crippling that millions of dollars must be spent to advertise the fact.

Or could it be something else?  Is there a conspiracy to convince the average person they are far weaker than they truly are?  Is it possible we’re put into a receptive state by television and other media so often and being overwhelmed by the claims made that we are helpless against an onslaught of diseases that it is actually killing us?  Perhaps that is a bit extreme, and as most experts will tell you health is a collection of several factors rather than just one.  But if there were somehow an advertising campaign to convince us we were weak in order to fill our bodies with chemicals, is it possible that we could actually be suffering their effects and even risking dangerous consequences?  The mind is the single most powerful thing any person can possess.  But if placebos can make us stronger through the power of the mind, can it also harm us?  That’s an experiment we need to see.