The Satanic Temple Wishes to ‘Beautify’ Your Roads by Adopting a Highway

In recent years, crowdsource funding sites have made it possible for many small businesses and entrepreneurs to kickstart turning their dreams into a reality. Such sources have given the green light for video games, independent films, and feature movies to move from being just a concept towards reaching a final goal. A wide range of individuals and groups have taken advantage of this kind of resource, but you probably never thought that the Satanic Temple would become part of the mix.

One of the latest groups to seek the assistance of a crowdsource funding site to realize their goals is the Satanic Temple, which has a desire to get involved with the adopt-a-highway program in New York City. Spectacle Films, Inc. has been documenting the efforts of the group as they promote a campaign through indiegogo.com. It’s a move that’s sure to cause an uproar if approved and acted upon. While it’s not the first time a controversial group has made this kind of bid. For example, the Ku Klux Klan’s bid for a stretch of highway in Georgia was rejected in 2012.

Why would the Satanic Temple wish to join the adopt-a-highway program? The group says that they would like to use the opportunity to enhance the public’s understanding of Satanism, and hopefully gain a bit more acceptance within the community. The Satanic Temple would uphold the voluntary upkeep (including ridding the area of garbage) of a stretch of public highway for at least two years. They also plan to do a little landscaping as well.

In order to adopt their own piece of highway and maintain clean-up duties for the two years, the Temple must pay an estimated $10,000, which is why they are accepting donations by using the crowd-source funding option of indiegogo.com.

If the group gains approval, the New York Department of Transportation will post the all-too-known blue-and-white sign acknowledging the adopting party (in which case, it would say Satanic Temple), and in the end, gain promotion for a group that is not readily embraced by the general public. Why? Because although the Satanic Temple hopes to use this action to spread their message of “Satanic civic pride and social responsibility,” those associated with the Temple still believe in and worship Satan.

In an effort to increase funds towards their highway project, the Temple is offering select exclusive limited edition, official merchandise when donations meet a certain amount. For example, a $100 donation entitles you to the ‘Luciferian activist’ package of items, which includes a candle, T-shirt, and logo button amongst other ‘prizes.’ The premium package that accompanies a $250 donation includes five candles for each point of the pentagram.

With less than 55 days to go, the Satanic Temple has raised $10 so far towards their goal of $15,000. The money must be raised by August 05, 2013 in order for the Temple to pursue their campaign to gain approval by the New York Department of Transportation. If the Temple is not approved, the funds will go towards contesting the DOT’s decision.

Throughout the process of trying to gain donations and make a bid for the Adopt-a-Highway program, Spectacle Films will be documenting the efforts of the Satanic Temple as part of an ongoing project to highlight the activities of the Satanic organization.