Bigfoot Spotted in Tatra Mountains in Poland

Your living in the busy city of Warsaw, Poland and its time to get away and get some peaceful relax time.  You decide your going to go somewhere and spend time with nature.  That time with nature was going to be spent in the Tatra Mountains.

This is what Piotr Kowalski of Warsaw and a friend Justyna Folger which was vacationing in Poland decided to go.  They were in the mountains with their video camera taping the beauty of the mountains.  They spot a mountain goat in the rocky part of the mountain.  All of a sudden, to the left of the screen they capture something dark and hairy coming out from behind a rock. 

In the video, it looks like Justyna was filming the rocky mountainside and then Piotr takes the camera away for her because he sees something moving from behind the rock in the distance.  He loses the mammal for a second, but then he spots it again and he tunes the camera to the furry mammal and says, “Where is it, its over there, what is that, what the heck?”  Justyna answers, “A bear?”  He says, “no it looks like it’s walking.”  Then the clip ends.

Looking at this video it really looks like Bigfoot walking among the rocks.  Listening to the video it sounds as if he was really shocked at what he saw.  It didn’t sound like he was rehearsed it with her and then one of his friends came out of the rocks wearing a suit.  The animal did look very large.  The only thing that was weird is why was it roaming in the open like that with people around.  Did it see them?  Is it real or a hoax?

The film has been handed over to the Nautilus Foundation, which probes unexplained phenomena from its base in Warsaw, Poland.  Robert Bernatowicz, the president, says you can definitely see something much larger than a normal size human roaming about on its hind legs.  But, since the camera is moving too much it’s hard to tell what it definitely is.

At this point Yeti experts are heading over to Poland.  They are going to try to verify that this beast exists.  Maybe, it left some traces behind.  They are hoping they find something.  But, until we get some answers, the only thing that we have is this video.

Take a look at this video and decide for yourselves.