Bigfoot With Sweet Tooth Captured on Film

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A man out hunting Bigfoot claims to have captured some convincing footage of the creature while out hunting in the wild armed with little more than a candy bar, a box, and a night vision camera.  After a night of hunting, this once skeptic turned believer says he has the most convincing evidence of a Bigfoot than anyone has captured in almost 40 years.

To say it’s the most convincing evidence in 40 years is quite a claim, but Mike Green says he’s prepared to back up his claim and have his footage scrutinized by believers and skeptics alike.  The footage is taken by a thermal camera so the white blob that enters the frame isn’t glowing unusually, but rather a heat signature from the creature itself.  Green’s website, Bushloper has had images of this reported bigfoot since 2009, but this most recent footage came about in the summer of this year.  And Green is convinced what he has captured is none other than the legendary Sasquatch.

One of the points Green considered in an interview with local news station My Fox 8 was how the figure was one central mass, indicating that it was not a man in a suit.  A man in a suit, according to Green, would appear to have blotches where the heat was not coming through as fully as in other areas on the suit.  And so with this new footage, Green says he has finally found the Holy Grail of Bigfoot footage.  And all thanks to a trap he rigged up.  Bigfoot’s elusiveness was betrayed by his overwhelming sweet tooth.  But is it really the Holy Grail of Bigfoot footage?

The previously most compelling and certainly most famous footage of a Bigfoot would have to be the Patterson Film, which has in time become in some circles as well known as the Zapruder film of John F. Kennedy’s assassination.  And like the Zapruder film it is also highly controversial.

So is this enough to replace the Patterson film?  The first thing that comes to mind is the lack of any indicator conclusively demonstrating that the creature being filmed is Bigfoot.  Though it is certainly big, and the thermal imaging theory proposed by Green could be enough to prove that it’s not just a person in a suit, is it really enough to prove once and for all that Bigfoot really exists?

It seems unlikely.  In fact, Bigfoot being as controversial as it is, it seems there would have to be quite a long length of fairly comprehensive documentation to convince many hardened skeptics as well as those interested but unconvinced by the scant evidence.  But if capturing good footage of the creature is as easy for Green as setting up a trap and then filming it with a remote camera, we’re certain he will have plenty of compelling evidence at some point in the future to keep us interested.

It should also be noted that Green was once one of the hardened skeptics he is now working to convince with his footage.  In this way it seems there is some hope out there.  And perhaps he will know precisely how difficult the task before him truly is.