The Human Soul Actually Exists

Can People Travel to the Other World and Return?

Scientists say human soul actually exists

People of different convictions believe that the soul does exist; they say that death of the body is just the beginning of a bright way to the Eternity. Famous American researcher of “life after life” Raymond Moody has recently published his ninth book with practical recommendations to those who are going to pass away.

According to researches held by the Institute of Psychical Health at the Russian Academy of Sciences, about 65% of widows see ghosts of their husbands; up to 75% of parents keep up visual or acoustic contacts with their children after the latter die. This is some kind of relief for people suffering from losses in their families because the grief for passed away relatives is painful.

I got acquainted with a woman who worked at an enterprise for 40 years; being on a pension, she worked as a door-keeper. According to this decent worker with sober practical mind who is not fond of fancies, she “communicates” with her late husband. At that, the woman says she doesn’t believe in UFOs and other devilry. However, the apparition of her husband has become habitual for her.

The woman tells: “I was always crying in the first half year after my husband’s death. But once he visited me; he sat down in an armchair in front of me and said: “Calm down, I am OK. But your sorrow and tears never leave me in peace. Set me free and remember that I will always care about you and our daughters.”

Since that time the ghost of the husband has been visiting the woman, giving her recommendations, warning of probable troubles and congratulating her on holidays. Soon I met with the two daughters of the woman; one is a post-graduate student at the Moscow State University and the elder is working at a Moscow higher education institutions. Both said that the father talked to them rather often.

Stories of this kind are numerous; they sound even more unusual when told by people whom you trust. Academician Natalya Bekhtereva, Director of the Brain Institute in Russia’s Academy of Sciences admitted in her autobiographical book that after the death of her husband brain, the sphere that she has been studying all her life, “became a mystery which cannot be solved.” The ghost of her husband haunted her even at daytime; he shared those important ideas which failed to voice in his lifetime. Natalya Bekhtereva says that after analyzing the situation she realized that she wasn’t afraid as considered the ghost the reality. It is astonishing but everything the ghost had predicted always came true later. What is more, the woman managed to find important papers of her husband just exactly in the place that the ghost of the man indicated. Natalya Bekhtereva said she was quite sure that the ghost wasn’t a fantasy.

Chief physician from the reanimation department of the Kaliningrad regional hospital Yury Zatovka presented more evidence proving that there was life after life. He says that after 30 years of his work at the reanimation department he is sure that the soul actually exists and it abandons the body when people are in condition of apparent death. After recovery, about two thirds of his patients tell him about corridors and tunnels with the light at the end where they meet with dead relatives. The doctor started collecting evidence of this kind long before books by Moody and other authors first appeared in Russia.

A sensational report shock the world 15 years ago: American scientists insisted they managed to weigh the soul. Suppositions concerning the structure of the soul followed immediately. Some scientists said that the soul consisted of neutrinos; others insisted it consisted of positrons. There were also suggestions saying that the soul structure was similar to the quantum vacuum with enormous reserves of inactive energy. Astrophysicist from the Moscow State University, Professor Boris Iskakov made attempts to prove that lepton and gas blankets remain after the death of a body. He said, the latter dissociated, while a fragile invisible substance that remained might continue its independent way. He said that the soul was real and material. A human being is a solid nucleus surrounded with leptons. The system of lepton blankets is a cold bioplasm containing information about the nucleus. When the body dies, the information about it still remains.

American physician David Suchett says that if the suggestions about the material soul are true, then “ghosts from the past” are not hallucinations but quite a real phenomenon. According to the scientist, such visions are typical of people experiencing serious crises or extraordinary situations. In this case, reserves of the human organism may switch on some “sixth sense”.

Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Mikhail Gertsenstein from the Optical Physical Surveys Research Institute at Russia’s Academy of Sciences thinks that “the Solaris effect”, as scientists call such visions, agree with the rules of physics. He admits that sensitive cells of the eyes possess properties of reversibility. The receptors of the eye retina may serve as both, receivers and generators of some emanations.

While scientists are arguing about the nature of the phenomenon, more and more books about life after death appear. Immediately after Moody’s work, books by Christopher and Paul Winderblocks were published. Moscow Physician Grigory Dvoyrin published a booklet under the title “Life after death, or Excursion to the other world and return”. Magic saloons offer a new service, communication with the ghost of a dead relative: communication in a written form costs about $100, oral one is twice as expensive.

Senior research assistant from the Institute of Psychophysical Modeling Rudolph Nesmelov studied evidence of many people who allegedly visited “the other world” and arrived at a conclusion that there was no reason to believe that patients were dead. Apparent death and death of the brain are two different things. All authors describe an in-between state but nobody describes death itself. Many of us felt similar things in the sleep, but none died at that.

The same concerns the incorporeal condition when patients say that being in coma they saw themselves from the outside and heard doctors talking standing close to the dead body. These visions prove that brain of patients keeps on functioning; it registers visual and acoustic feelings.

Communication with dead relatives is a phenomenon in the subconsciousness of a man experiencing changes in the consciousness that is caused by stress. Visions of ghosts and communication with the dead are one of the ways to overcome this physical confusion. No material evidence proving existence of “ghosts” have been discovered. However, there is no reason to reassure people of existence of ghosts of their relatives.

Natalia Leskova