The Sun

The Sun is the center of the solar system. It is a star of spectral type “G”, a weak type of star. Its temperature is between 5000 and 6000 °C. The sun rotates differently in function of the latitude, this torsion creates a strong magnetic field. The Sun energy is used on Earth for life. Only few microorganism are able to live without sun light. The Sun is a ball of plasma (the fourth state of matter: the element “fire” in alchemy). Its diameter is 1.392 million km and has a mass of about 2.0×1030 kg, which is somewhat higher than that of an average star. It is principally composed of hydrogen (80%) and helium. The Sun is believed to be half way of its life. Lots of the Sun’s characteristics are unexplained: the solar wind, the large difference of temperature between the surface, the core and the sun’s magnetic field. The Sun is difficult to study due to its high temperature.

The sun is the leader of all planets. It was here before them. Its mass represents 99% of the solar system mass and all planets are dependent of it. It is the energy power factory. Almost all life is dependent on it on Earth. It is responsible for the success, intellect, wisdom, fortune, will poor, fame, and wealth. The position of the Sun in the sky at birth time represents the principal trait of personality of the person. The sun gives vitamins to the body and so it gives power. The Sun represents kings, government’s leaders and gurus. It also represents creative people like artists, actors, jewelers, gemologists, merchant traders in gold, doctors and nurses. In the physical body, the Sun rules the heart, the head, lungs, liver, nervous system and skeletal structure.The Sun

The sun has always been the principal deity. It is the ruler of the other one. The Sun is the center of our solar system but it is a star among so many other in our galaxy, the milky way. It is rotating around the center of this galaxy. The Indian mythology even noticed it and had calculated the exact amount of time it takes for the Sun (and the solar system) to make a complete round. How did they calculated it? The yogis say that by meditation you can connect with god, the only one, and know everything. Some says that India was an advanced civilization in the past with spaceship and nuclear power. These two hypothesis could explain their great knowledge about the universe. Indeed, India has texts which explain what Einstein explain only in the beginning of the 20th century.