If Water Means Life…

If you wrote a science fiction story about a government agency who used psychics to detect aliens on the moon, would you consider it too far “out there” to actually believe? Well that’s exactly what some government documents appear to be indicating. The only difference? It’s not fiction.

With water found on the moon by India’s Chandraayan 1 observation platform, theorists and biologists have been set forth that ask if the Lunar surface is capable of sustaining human life. What if it already was, and the life was not human? What if aliens were actually on the Lunar Surface guiding their activities on earth from secret Lunar command posts on the dark side of the moon? It’s truly a strange idea, but several are taking it seriously.

Ingo Swann, one of the foremost known American spies in the western world, has published a book about his work with the CIA to discover the intentions of alien forces on the moon through psychic means in the “Star Gate” project. The “Star Gate” project recently had 90,000 pages of information published detailing the ins and outs thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. According to Swann, psychic phenomena was accepted as fact, rather than fiction by the CIA and world governments who studied it extensively.

Of course with so much information to be looked through, and still more secretly held back still classified for reasons unknown, it seems that the story, while still fantastic, can be considered at the very least interesting, and at the very most the greatest story of all time.

A witness from Australia was standing out on his fishing boat one morning enjoying his morning cup of coffee when he observed a mysterious egg shaped object descend from the sky about two miles off and hover just above the water. As it hovered there, he grabbed a spyglass and focused in on the object so he could get a better view. There it was hovering just a few feet above the water, somehow drawing it up by some unseen force into the craft. Terrified, the man wondered what the craft could possibly need with so much water. Before he could react, however, it had finished and vanished with a great sonic boom into the sky. The incident was one of thousands where mysterious craft were seen harvesting water from oceans, lakes, streams, or even manmade water reservoirs.

And how far from aliens visiting earth would aliens basing themselves on the moon be? If Area 51 were holding extraterrestrial craft, could we not then fathom the possibility of human samples both dead and alive being housed on an equally secret alien base in a location no man has walked on since 1972? In addition, it should be noted that original samples taken from the moon never held water within them, and no water was detected the first time around. Is this because water on the moon is new? What of the UFOs seen drawing water up from lakes and oceans around the world into themselves were transporting it elsewhere? Of course without any hard evidence this is all purely speculation, but it is interesting food for thought.