The Jonathon Reed Encounter

Jonathon Reed has been generating attention for over 15 years after he first encountered what he says was an extraterrestrial that killed his dog.  But in recent years Reed’s story has been called more into question than ever before as new analyzing techniques come up and interest in Reed’s story gives way to newer stories.  But was the incident described by Reed the genuine article?  Or is there something else going on here?  Whether it’s true or not, the story itself and the subsequent released footage is interesting enough that it has inspired more than a few researchers to dedicate their lives to seeking out the truth.

The story began when Reed was out walking his dog on one sunny afternoon in a nearby national park in Washington state in 1996.  As he walked along, suddenly his dog sprinted off ahead of him.  Following it, he was soon confronted by a graphic and violent event that would not only challenge everything he thought he knew about the world around him, but also entangle him in a conspiracy that would ultimately lead him to live a life on the run.

There standing just a few yards away he say his dog snatched up by an unknown creature that was only half human.  The creature reportedly then tore the dog in half and discarded its now lifeless body.  Reed, so enraged at the terrifyingly violent act, picked up a stick and charged at the creature.  Caught off guard, the creature soon found itself the target of a flurry of blows to the head that ultimately caused it to collapse and fall to the ground.  Reed ran back to where he had dropped his bag and began videotaping the area.  And that’s how it all began.  Feeling sick from the events that had transpired – or perhaps some ill effect from the alien or spacecraft that he found parked hovering nearby, Reed quickly wrapped the body in an emergency blanket and dragged it back to his car noting it was incredibly light.  After locking it in his freezer he pulled it out again later and videotaped it again, noting the blinking eyes from the creature indicating it was still alive.

But then Reed’s story takes a few even stranger turns – turns that left many listeners wondering if the whole story was just made up.  After reviving the creature, Reed claims he was able to make contact with the creature later, even recording audio of attempted communications with them.  Ultimately, however, he came home one day only to find the creature along with all other evidence missing and a group of agents of unknown origin standing outside.  Were they trying to cover the incident up?  Or were they, along with everything else in the story simply a fabrication of what would ultimately become one of the most elaborate UFO hoaxes of the past fifteen years?

Though Reed has many apparent believers across the Internet, there are also several skeptics who say his story simply doesn’t hold water.  Some even went so far as to try to ascertain his real identity.  They found a Jonathon Rutters, who had previously masqueraded as a doctor himself, and who they claimed was a known con man.  Of course there will always be that lingering doubt.  Is it possible Reed is real and it is Rutters who is fictional?  Of course no one would be able to erase someone’s identity permanently and replace them with a history of cons and hoaxes… right?