Cellar Ghost Rises to Witness Wedding

A wedding reception in a small town in Newfoundland was going as planned when suddenly one of the guests screamed last Thursday and began running.  It was one of the couples’ friends and she had just caught something on film that left them all with quite a few questions.

It appeared, on first inspection, to be a man in a white coat hovering to the right of the reception.  With the guests curious as to where he could have come from, and what else was watching the nuptuals in the Newmann Wine Cellar, quickly a line to the area where the photo had been taken started to form.  Guests tried with their own cameras and even the one originally taking the photo to reproduce the effects that resulted in that strange picture.

None were able to successfully reproduce the image.

While they waited, the keeper of the place, an old wine cellar the couple had fallen in love with, told them it wasn’t unusual to see strange activity there.  In fact, he said, it was strange not to.  There had been dozens of events held in the place and many had resulted in strange sightings.  With a small crowd gathering around him, he explained to the assembled guests that witnesses had reported to him over the years that they had heard voices coming from right behind them.  Others had – while working upstairs – heard footsteps in the basement echoing down the long hallway.  And there were several incidents where witnesses reported hearing names being gently whispered in the dead of night as they worked in the basement.  While it wasn’t unusual to hear something, however, it was a bit strange that something would be actually photographed.

And so the incident, while exceedingly unusual, is still well within the realm of paranormal that the locations proprietors have come to expect.  And while it is clear that something happened in this historic location that seems to carry with it a sense of tragedy, no one is quite sure what could still be haunting this strange vault.  Generally, as ghosts are associated with tragic circumstances, it is assumed that a haunted locale must have had either an intense emotional tragedy or some sort of murder take place in it.  But this isn’t necessarily the case always.  Some ghost hunters over the years have suggested some locations are haunted by ghosts that associate their earthly dwellings with a more positive time and simply do not wish to leave yet.  They are connected to the place and serve as caretakers to it on a spiritual level – and to protect those that inhabit their new home.

Whatever the case, this incident is certainly strange and leaves much to speculation which is a breeding ground for folklore.  No doubt the couple will still be able to look back on the incident years from now and laugh”¦ but it’s more than a little chilling.