When Hunting for Ghost’s, Its Essential to be Prepared

EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Detector: An emf detector is a must.  It is easily explained by viewing ghosts as invisible energy. An emf detector will detect that energy.  the same energy surrounding your computer monitor right now. If you get emf readings in a cemetary with no near by power lines, You got yourself a ghost.

Camera: Ghost hunting needs a camera #1 important item.  I like digital, because here is no film, no developing, no over exposures, just digital results. A 35mm will also work fine.

Air Ion Counter: measures the amount of positive and negative ions in the area. Ghosts are said to give  off  electromagnetic discharge. So the positive ion count will read high

Baby Powder: Used to track ghost footsteps.  I personally dont bring this ghost hunting

Barometer: when a barmometers pressure raises, its said ghosts are present

Candles and Matches: Backup Lighting Incase the flashlight dies.  ghosts can suck your power right up.

Cell Phone: If a ghost attacks you or you need help while ghost hunting, grab your cell.

Batteries: Bring Extra’s Ghosts will drain the power fast.  You dont want to get caught with a flashlight that dont work, or a useless camera.

Flashlights: Tripping scares ghosts, and can make you hurt your leg.  I dont suggest bringing a huge flashlight that everyone will see for miles, but a pen light or two to watch where you step. Perhaps one of those small mag lights.

First Aid Kit: You can get cut in a cemetery, even get broken up.  Show some caution

Film: Extra and plenty of cmera film to photograph ghosts.  If your using a digital camera, bring 2 or 3 memory cards incase one craps out.  This happened to me several times. Take my advice

Headset Communicators: Never go ghost hunting alone. Bring a friend or two. Communicate using headset’s.  If someone needs to locate another in an emergency situation, you need to be connected. especially if it is a big cemetary

Notebook and pen: Write down weather conditions, time, and incidents that transpired. Be clear and perform a full investigation. Record EMF readings and other variables that will help you next time by going during the optimum conditions

Recorder: Camcorder, Tape Recorder, Or digital recorder with a very sensitive microphone.  You may catch voices and words that noone in your party said.

Watch: Its important to record the time you took the pictures. Like roll1 4:00-4:15