Flowers Used For Medical Treatments 2

Continuing the exploration into flowers that provide medicinal solutions, this article takes a look at some of the health concerns that these visual treats offer. For example, chest colds and coughs can be treated through the use of honeysuckle flowers. This article also takes a look at the herbal power of pot marigold, as well as the California poppy.


When it comes to pot marigold, you can trace the history of this herbal remedy to the 17th century. Back in the day, it was a treatment method that was thought of as the ideal cure for plagues and pestilence. The reason plagues probably were eased with this treatment method was because it possessed highly antiseptic properties. Decorated with bright orange flowers, many believed that it could increase the strength of the heart. It is also used to increase the spirits of an individual just by looking at their appearance.


The petals of this plant are used to create natural remedies, which also makes a great antiseptic cream. The fresh plant, as well as dried petals creates the treatments you might be interested in. Additional uses for pot marigold include astringent and antifungal properties, which really helps out skin ailments. Inflammations and other minor problems are also treated with this flower, and when taken internally, the herb has a way in stimulating bile, coaxing the digestive system, as well as relieving the tension associated with menstrual problems.


California poppy is a popular flower that is commonly found in gardens. Throughout the United States, this herbal remedy is often referred to as “nightcap” and provides the public with a gentle herbal approach towards medical treatment. It is so gentle that even children can utilize this natural method. When using the aerial parts of this plant, you may treat sleepless nights with its sedating properties. Usually when you hear of poppies, you may often associate these type of plants with addiction, but this plant possesses no side effects and is one of the safest herbs to use.


As stated before, the plant can be used as a sedative, which works wonders on the nervous system. Those who battle the symptoms of stress, tension, and insomnia may find refuge in the arms of this herb, making it a great ingredient for tea drinkers. Another good use for this herbal treatment deals with the treatment of overactive digestive systems.


Honeysuckle flowers have held a place within Chinese medicine for years. The buds of this attractive yellow flower can be used to create herbal remedies in both its fresh and dried form. The flowers possess a cooling reaction, which has been used to ease the symptoms of colds with fever. In the West, chest ailments and urinary issues have been treated with the flower, which has been used during Roman times as well. In England, the flowers were used during the 17th century as a traditional eradication for a wide-range of health problems, including inflammations, and the pain of the flu.