Kourtney Kardashian’s Coveteur Photo Shoot Has an Illuminati & MK Ultra Feel to It.

There is no escaping the visual clutches of the Kardashians…they are literally everywhere – on a reality show, on talk shows, in the news, and of course, in fashion magazines. With their own clothing line and other business ventures related to designer clothes, it’s no wonder that the sisters have slipped into some of the same marketing tactics that embrace Illuminati symbolism, such as the all-seeing eye (single eye symbolism), as well as MK Ultra programming.

The Kardashian girls seem to be the perfect vehicle for others to promote questionable symbolism or messages. The look, wealth, prestige, and controversy surrounding the girls have made them quite popular, and if a company wants to get their product and message out there – it’s pretty easy to use the girls to gain attention. While Kim Kardashian is often in the news for her escapades with Kanye West and Khloe is facing life as a divorcee, this time around, it is sister Kourtney who is ruffling feathers.

In one of Kourtney’s photo shoots, she lets The Coveteur magazine inside of her home (namely her shoe closet), to explore some of her favorite things. We learn that she loves all things black and white (yes, that is also a favorite thing of the Freemasons, who embrace black and white checkerboard designs on their Masonic temple floors).

Kourtney also has a fascination with Minnie Mouse. Covetuer mentions that both of her children has their own pair of ears, but she enjoys wearing a Minnie-inspired Comme des Garçons topper that her sister Kim gifted her for Christmas. In the photo shoot, we see Kourtney posing with it often. She also has a photo where she is holding a Mickey Mouse in her hands. Mickey Mouse is a known symbol of MK Ultra programming – mind control.

While its a long-running observation that the Kardashian girls seem to have a money-hungry, aggressive, pushy mom-manager in Kris Jenner, it is quite likely that the girls have run into more than their fair share of others pulling the strings of their business and career decisions.

As we learn that Kourtney has a passion for  Louboutins, the pictures not only reveal the fashion choices that she tends to make, but also highlights rather interesting design and decor preferences.  In a shot of a decorated mantle with peacock feathers, vases, and high heel shoes, there is a mask that serves as the centerpiece. One of the eyes are missing, thus creating that single eye symbolism that the Illuminati is famously known for.

As Kourtney poses for some shots, she is seen holding a cat that resembles a miniature version of a wild cat. Cheetah, leopard, and other big cat prints are another symbol of mind control – namely Beta Kitten Programming.

Overall, Kourtney’s photo shoot features some curious pieces of symbolism. Coincidence or not?