‘Maleficent’ Movie Poster and the Anticipated Film Contain Disturbing Imagery

There’s a highly anticipated film coming out on May 30, 2014, and many fans of the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ classic cannot wait to see Angelina Jolie take on the cold title character, Maleficent. Marketed with the tagline, ‘evil has a beginning,’ the film mixes fantasy with violence to tell the tale of the villainous Maleficent, and highlight the events that led to her curse on the young Princess Aurora. Although this movie is associated with Walt Disney Pictures, it really isn’t suitable for younger eyes to see, as it contains occult and demonic symbolism, and other dark references.  

With a PG rating, there is no doubt that some parents will take their children to see this dark fantasy film – despite rumors that the movie in “incredibly chilling” and includes “frightening images.”

Poster art for the film depicts Angelina Jolie as a dark character, dressed in black, and sporting a pair of curved, black Devil-like (Moloch) horns atop her head. As a Disney film, the storyline isn’t one concentrating on sunshine, rainbows, and a happy plot. Instead of focusing on the plight of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ (Princess Aurora), the movie tells the classic tale from the perspective of the villainess Maleficent, and is supposed to depict the ‘untold story’ of the antagonist of the story.

The movie focuses on the events that played a role in turning the ‘pure heart’ of Maleficent into ‘stone.’ Jolie’s character becomes consumed with the desire to exact her revenge, as well as protect the lands that she watches over. This is how she comes to place a cruel, irreversible curse on a newborn infant (Aurora), who is the daughter of the human king. When the girl reaches her 16th birthday, Aurora is cursed to die.

As the princess grows older, she finds herself in the middle of a conflict between her beloved forest kingdom and the human kingdom to which she was born to. When Maleficent realizes that the young girl plays a significant part in establishing peace in the land, she sets the gears of change in motion that could alter the fate of the lands forever.

The Sleeping Beauty tale has always been one of ‘good versus evil,’ and it is clear to see in the angelic character development of Princess Aurora, and dark, cold disposition of Maleficent, who takes on the role of a ‘demonic fairy’ or the ‘mistress of darkness.’  Even her name translates into ‘to do harm or evil,’ and her appearance is one that definitely represents a dark figure with some people likening her to Baphomet.  

Another interesting point about the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ tale is the theorized meaning behind Princess Aurora’s name. Some believe that since her name translates into ‘dawn,’ it represents a connection to the occult – in relation to the worship of the sun and moon associated with ancient cultures. Some of these same concepts are thought to play a part in the beliefs of certain secret societies, the elite, and the Illuminati.

Additionally, if you pay close attention to the very end of the Maleficent trailer that announces a Summer 2014 release, you will notice that Jolie creates brief single eye symbolism as she turns away from the camera. When the movie is finally released, the true number of symbols, references, and hidden messages will be revealed.