The Colors of Magick: Cool & Neutral Colors

Color plays an important role in practicing magick. Individual colors are thought to represent different elements, as well as possess their own level of energy and power. In this article, you will learn how cool and neutral colors fit into the world of magick.

Cool Colors

Blue , It comes at no surprise that the color blue represents the element of water. This color is commonly associated with love, peace, healing, wisdom, celestial objects, emotions, and protection. Rejuvenating your youthful exurberance is often associated with the color blue. When you want to find peace or reflect on your life, surround yourself with the color blue. The color is linked to the planet Venus, and zodiac signs Virgo and Capricorn. In magick, use blue for healing, harmony, inspiring creativity, and communication.

Aqua , This color is often connected to metaphysics and the art of meditation and becoming in tune with your psychic abilities. Aqua is associated with the planet Venus, and is just the right shade for someone looking to find peace or enter a state of deep reflection.

Green , The color green is symbolic of the element of Earth. Overall, the color has a link to fertility, hope, joy, growth, change, and prosperity. The color is associated with healing using herbal means and gardening. Different shades of green are used in magick circles to create varying levels of energy and results. Pale green can help someone in his or her process of healing. Ivy green is representative of emotions, and can assist a grieving person to overcome their sadness. The shade of forest green is connected to fertility, courage, and the body.

Neutral Colors

White , Representing ceremonial magick, the color white plays an important role in rituals and ceremonies. It is the color that represents purity and is connected to the Moon. Other associations of the color white include Mondays, infants, friendship, and the zodiac sign of Aries. Since white is the color of the Goddess, it is significantly used when performing blessings. Crystal white is a color that symbolizes divinity, transformation, as well as sincerity.

Black , Often associated with the ‘dark arts’ and sorcery, the color black is typically viewed as a negative energy or connection to darkness. Representing the night, black can signify foreboding, fortitude, making significant changes in life, and even consistency, as people look for ways to conquer their darkness or dark circumstances. However, black possesses protective qualities and is a chosen color for magickal tools. This is while the handle of the anthame (dagger) is black. The color is also chosen for wrappings or used when trying to eradicate a bad habit.

Gray , A lot of wizards seem attracted to the color gray, which represented the mid-point between black and white. Gray is a collection of all colors while not being greatly connected to just one. The color is symbolic of knowledge, lore and wisdom.

Brown , The color brown is associated with the animal kingdom because it is the most common color found in the fur and feathers of creatures. A wizard that connects best with the color brown are often found surrounding by animals , whether they work at a zoo or pet store, own many pets, or live on a farm.