The Colors of Magick: Warm Colors

Warm colors are often associated with powerful energies and can play an important role in performing magick. In this article, you will learn about the connection of the colors yellow, orange, red, pink, and violet as they pertain to magick.

Warm Colors

Yellow , Representing the element of air, the color yellow signifies divination , the practice of trying to gain insight into the future. Yellow is a color associated with mental work, goodness, faith, intellect, meditation, and communication. The color also signifies friendship, which is why yellow roses are suggested as a gift for a friend. Yellow is linked to the planet Mercury and the zodiac sign of Taurus. Rely on the color yellow when you wish to make improvements in your life, such as tweaking your self-esteem, balance, charisma, and creativity.

The golden shade of yellow symbolizes charm, trust, and the summertime. Other shades of yellow and their associations include pastel yellow (the springtime, psychic powers and creativity) and golden yellow (charm, trust, and the summertime).

Orange , The type of magic that appears on stage is often enhanced by the color orange, which is also associated with pride, courage, attraction, and prosperity (mainly in relation to harvests). The warmth aspect of the color is one that relates to friendship, spirit, and abundance.

Red , It is no wonder that the color red is associated with the element of fire. The color also represents alchemy, transformation, and the magickal arts overall. When one wishes to heal people or animals, it is the color red that brings energy for this type of physical work. You’ve probably already heard that red is a power color, and it’s also well known for indicating physical passion. With a connection to the planet Mars, the color represents command.

When you are interested in staying out of danger’s path, choose the color red. The color is also used in spells regarding prosperity, grounding, stability, and physical health. Other associations include anger, bravery, inspiration, strong emotions (such as a fiery temper), purification, and the zodiac sign Gemini.

Pink , The color pink is used to signify the relationships that are made with other people. The color is at its best when involved with love, intimacy, family, and of course, romance. It is the color of Venus with connections to growth and fertility. To tap into the emotional and spiritual aspects of the planet, choose the color pink.

Violet (or Purple) , This color is used to represent the ‘Spirit’ and is connected to etheric realms, higher esoteric learning, and ancient wisdom. If you take a look at paintings depicting the clothing of past royals, you will notice that the color purple plays a significant role. Often viewed as the color of royalty, purple was often associated with power, wealth, and good fortune. Other associations of the color include the planet Jupiter, religious thought, and judgment. Several astrological signs are linked to the color, including Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces. Harness the power of the color by using it for spiritual centering, cosmic awareness, and meditation.