Swadhisthana (2nd chakra)

Swadhisthana is the second lowest primary chakra. It is located at the pubis bones, just above the genital organs. The passage of the Kundalini over this chakra is difficult because of the desire it generate in the mind. The mind want the Kundalini to stay there. The endocrine equivalent is the gonads (ovaries or testes). This chakra symbolizes the power, especially the power of creation. The swadhisthana chakra is symbolized by a six petals flower bearing the Sanskrit letters “ba”, “bha”, “ma”, “ya”, “ra”, and “la” on each of its petals. Each of these petals correspond to a specific psychological state of desire. The seed sound in the center is “vam”. The color of this chakra is orange, sometimes red. Its corresponding planet is said to be Jupiter, the planet of power. Its music note is D. Several stones are said to be related to swadhisthana, they are the orange and red stones: amber, imperial topaz… This chakra correspond to ylang-ylang, santal and myrrh flavor. The sense that this chakra control is the taste. It also rules the reproductions organs and the tongue.

Its element is water, the element of life. This chakra contains the different samskaras (potential karmas) which reside silent there waiting for expression. We can see here, a remarkable correlation with the genital germs (spermatozoa and ovules) in the endocrine system. Swadhisthana is associated with the unconscious, and with emotion. It is especially linked with the sexual desire. But above all, it is where, that the power of creation reside. The artistic creation as well the biological creation. this chakra represent the life from 7 to 14 years old, where the body start to become adult and start to communicate with others. Indeed, this chakra rules the relation with others. An equilibrium in this chakra will bring harmonious relation in couple and in group. A disequilibrium will make disappear the self-confidence as well as the harmonious relation with others. This chakra is the seat of our self. It is the center of procreation (through the glands in the endocrine system). It rules blood circulation all over the body and maintain equilibrium. This is by this chakra that we get self-confidence. To train this chakra, several asanas (yogic position) are used, but the best way to achieve a equilibrium in this center is meditation and relaxation.