Young Minds Warped By Mis-Led UFO Information

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On warping young minds..

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 02:14:02 -0600 Hi Folks!

I received an interesting email and phone call from a class of kids at a
preparatory school in the US. Here is the essence of the request;
Hello. i represent my Critical Thinking class at *** Preparatory in
***. At the present time, we are undertaking an analysis and
documentary of the Philadelphia experiment article we discovered online.

We have read the article thoroughly, and have attempted to reach you on
the phone, but have been unsuccessful. We would greatly appreciate it if
you would send us additional information on the experiment.

If not, please take the time to email me back and give me somewhere to
be reached. Thank you for your time and effort in helping us with
our undertaking. We greatly appreciate it. I hope you have a nice day.
Here is the response to this interesting request…geez, warping the
minds of kids (if their teacher doesn’t restrict it), what a treat!!!
I heard your phone call on my answering machine and yes, I do have to
work for a living..<g>..you forgot to hang up so I heard all the
giggling and discussions…it was quite amusing…I happen to be the
owner and director of Vanguard Sciences and KeelyNet – having originated
them back in 1988.

Critical Thinking class eh? Well, you picked a good subject, the
so-called Philadelphia Experiment (PE). Now, bear in mind I have no
direct experience with anything regarding it except that I read the
original book, have met and talked with Al Bielek on several occasions
and have spoken on the telephone with Preston Nichols in addition to
associated information which I consider quite suspect as well.

Please understand that the world of alternative science is REPLETE with
scam artists either on an ego trip or seeking ways to make money from
their claims. That money comes in the form of selling books,
videotapes, lectures at conferences and wherever else they can find
gullible people.

So you have to be very careful and try to find many sources that verify
a given point, preferably an experiment that has been duplicated
independently by others. My favorite tool is correlation, especially
from sources that don’t appear to have been aware of the other research
or anomalous reports.

In the case of Al Bielek, please note that he will tell you he NEVER
knew anything about the PE until he saw the movie…only then did
‘memories’ come back to him….give me a break…

Where Bielek is clever and which confuses so many is that he has a
storyline which he is constantly adding to. Every time he reads
something or hears something that can be added to beef up his story, he
takes it and makes it his own. (often claiming he was THERE too!)

The people in our group witnessed this lo, those many years ago when our
local MUFON UFO group sponsored Bielek to speak and which I documented
in the KeelyNet files you read.

The last time I saw Bielek, I walked up to him to shake his hand and say
hello, and he said I was the guy calling him a liar and turned his back
on me. He knows we had caught him in the act on tape in Dallas and made
it public so others would be warned to not trust anything he says. Of
course, he now slams KeelyNet and ‘that Dallas bunch’ at every

Now, bearing that in mind and note it is about 1AM here in Dallas, I
have to comment that no one that I’ve ever met or heard from knows the
absolute truth of the PE. As with alternative science, lots of claims,
lots of theories, no physical proof that has been publicly shared.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek (consultant for “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind”)
wrote the ‘Casebook for a UFO’ which had the handwritten Allende notes
written in the margin. These interesting comments were said to be from
one Carlos Allende, who claims to have been on that ship and to have
experienced all the so-called phenomena. Now this book and all copies
were supposed to be locked up in a safe at Varo, Corporation out in
Garland, a suburb of Dallas about 5 miles from my house.

Years ago, I met a fellow who claims to have known a janitor there who
‘borrowed’ a copy of that book from a locked room having several copies.
The book has been republished with those notes and might still be
available. Lots of claims and weird comments but nothing that is

Now, there are numerous claims that both Einstein and Nikola Tesla were
involved in the PE experiment. Be aware that Tesla died in 1942, several
months before the experiment (and by the way he died before the US
Courts awarded him credit for inventing the first radio, NOT MARCONI who
history records as the inventor, one of hundreds of errors promoted by
companies like Edison Light and such who promote their own ‘version’ of

Now Tesla did live in New York and was a very old man in his 90’s,
infirm in health and some say a bit deranged…so I never bought into
that claim of Tesla being involved in the PE as Tesla never mentioned it
in his own boastings or writings nor did his friend and partner Arthur
Matthews of Canada.

You see there is a kind of Tesla Church that exists today which is
almost a cult…as with many historical anomalous experiment reports,
many of the new agers and scam artists continally add to the original
material (as recorded in newspapers and magazines of the time), so that
people reading this highly abridged and embellished material mistakenly
believe what is said as true….and parrot it ceaselessly as fact,
sometimes adding their own comments and saying that’s what the man
did..<g>…rather than noting clearly that a comment or idea was their
own and not the original inventor…where does it end?

A word of advice from someone of vast experience with claims, errors and
outright fraud….at every opportunity, you should seek out the ORIGINAL

If you MUST read material generated after the originals or from them,
keep in mind that the authors are expressing their own opinions,
viewpoints or delusions..<g>.

In the country, farmers buy big blocks of salt for the cows…get one of
these for your class and when you read something that is hard to
believe, go chip off a small piece and taste it to knock you back to
reality….just kidding…its not good to close your mind completely,
but for Pete’s sake don’t buy everything someone says or writes, no
matter how appealing or interesting it sounds. Look for correlation or
corroboration wherever possible or at least consider it soley as a
concept, opinion or theory…not as a fact.

Lately I’ve been thinking of making an animation of a baseball bat that
would have ‘REALITY BAT’ written on it…that way, when someone starts
spouting off crazy stuff that they are claiming as real or proven, slap
them up the side of the head to bring them back to reality..<g>..kind of
like a Darwin award.

Ok, I’ll be nice…back to the PE and its various possibilities. There
are numerous theories…mine of course, postulates that if the
experiment happened as described by Berlitz and Moore in the most
definitive version, then it accidentally moved the ship through SPACE,
but NOT TIME, so that it appeared in several places where IT HAD BEEN
weeks or months before.

There is a phenomenon called the Lense-Thirring effect which predicts a
‘frame-dragging’ process that ties in with zero point energy (zpe) which
is the ‘new’ name for aether….now here is where you and the class will
wind up with your eyes glazed over but you have to have an understanding
of the basic effect.

….For all I know your teacher might just read this and decide you
aren’t prepared for such nonsense….just so.

….Frame dragging refers to a temporal frame that is connected with the
aether/zpe flux…it refers to what are essentially ‘matter waves’
produced by the motion of large bodies that create effects in other
mass, those matter waves are the perturbations in the local aether/zpe.

Check out;


Ok, the patron of KeelyNet is John Worrell Keely who died in 1898. He
claimed he had discovered that ‘time is gravity’. Einstein and many
others have lifted Keely’s ideas or independently rediscovered them
without realizing who was first…<g>…..I’m not giving you a Keely
Church spiel, just there is much that is not generally known or has been

Basically, would you agree that gravity has a gradient? Well, it does,
which is why you lose weight the further you move away from the earth.

A gradient means it gets weaker over distance which means it has LEVELS
of intensity. That means its not just an off or on effect of specific
FIXED intensity, which in turn means it can have many possible
intensities/strengths, which means we should be able to learn to control
it, like a dimmer switch that can use to lower or turn off your light,
not just by the On or Off position, but at many different intensity

Do you know why you don’t age significantly in deep space? Because
there is little or no gravity. Therefore, where there is gravity, there
is time. Time is the clocking effect of gravity as it flows into mass.

The larger the mass, the faster time makes it age and the heavier the
mass is due to that inflowing of aether/zpe which produces the effect we
erroenously call gravity, resulting in ‘weight’.

Gravity isn’t a pull like we are taught in school, it is a push, we are
held down like flies against a screen door by a wind rushing through

That wind is the pressurized energy of the universe, where matter is
basically a hole in space. The energy, in its flow to fill up that
hole, produces the effect we call gravity and the very real sensation of
‘weight’. If you can control, reduce or eliminate the flow of gravity
through or into a mass, you can control its aging and its weight.

(I suggest if this is puzzling, that you check out some of the files
under gravity, energy, keely, etc. as posted at;


and it will bring you ‘up’ to speed.)

All the most advanced physics talks about this zpe/vacuum energy and I
and my cohorts have been preaching it for about 30 years now, they call
it vacuum energy and zpe but it’s still aether.

The most promising proof is the Casimir effect where two metal plates
held very close to each other will try to join and release based on the
dithering of the quantum foam of zero point energy. The leading
theorists and experimenters in this field are Dr. Hal Puthoff in Austin
and his partners Bernhard Haisch and Alphonse Rueda.

If you do a search on those names or zpe you will find many, many
documents where there used to be NONE….we all kind of work behind the
scenes to make positive changes.

Even now there is a free energy conference being co-sponsored by the US
State Department in Washington, not to mention NASAs recent special
conference on ‘novel propulsion methods’ which included using zpe
pressures redirected for thrust and lift.

You see, we are like fish, living underwater, we cannot sense the
aether/zpe pressure because it is all around us and flows into us. I
sometimes think someone knew this as there is a Biblical quote that I
don’t have handy, but its something like ‘in Him, we live and move and
have our being.’ A veiled reference I think to this aether/zpe

Many of the KeelyNet associates, including myself are of the opinion
that our progenitors were far more advanced and knowledgeable than we
give them credit for, but I won’t digress on that unless you all
might want to know more…there are many, many historical and
archeological artefacts which just don’t fit any of the accepted
theories and teachings.

I’ve seen it myself in a hidden crypt in the Temple of Hathor in
Dendera, Egypt. A man holding a giant vacuum tube with a snake inside
it and a large cable coming out of the back of this tube and connecting
to a box that looks like a capacitive power supply, there are two 3,000
year old pictures of this in the underground crypts and I have
photos…do your eyes and mind light up with curiosity, mine

Sorry, back to business, imagine a swimming pool, push your hand down
rapidly in the water and you literally made a hole in the water…what

The surrounding water rushes in to fill up that hole…thats the way
mass and aether/zpe interact…wherever there are holes, aether/zpe
rushes in to fill it up producing gravity and eventually matter in the

As the hole files with aether/zpe and it begins to interferes with
itself, roiling and colliding, it slows the energy down, slower and
slower (with longer and longer wavelengths) until it literally manifests
matter FROM energy….as in MC^=E…successive phase changes like a
vapor precipitating to water, hardening under cold to an ice cube, so we
have gas to fluid to solid, these phase changes occur in nature on many
levels, energy included.

Of course if you ‘dissociate’ mass you get energy as in E=MC^..Einstein
ripped off a lot of other peoples work as did a few others…

Essentially nature abhors a vacuum and will do whatever it takes to
regain equilibrium. So you create a hole in space and ‘something’ flows
in to fill it up, depending on the media in which the hole is created.

So, once we see that aether/zpe flows into matter, then we realize that
the concentrated aether/zpe flow produces gravity and speeds up the
local time, then we realize that we can control this flow, like putting
an umbrella over your head to deflect the influx so that its movement
into the earth misses you…that means you lose weight or could float
away from the planet and slow or stop aging!

I know this sounds like it has no bearing on the PE, but it does IF it
was ACCIDENTAL teleportation through SPACE, not through time but to one
of the space frames the ship resided in at an earlier time….in other
words, it moved through space to where it had been, but not through

You see, our ‘reality’ is like a series of cartoon strips, where we have
a temporal signature (complex of frequencies) which is referenced to the
earth, which is referenced to the sun, which is referenced to our
galaxy, then our nebula…like the clock (oscillator) in a computer
whose frequency is divided over and over to carry out different
functions at different speeds. (this is one thing Bielek did apparently
get right)

Therefore, we have a spatial AND temporal signature that encodes where
we were as well as when we were. In the case of the PE, I think they
only accessed the spatial signature, not the temporal signature, so that
the ship would have disappeared from one place to reappear briefly in
the cartoon strip SPACE FRAME of where it HAD been.

If that is so, then we would have a new perspective on the possibilities
of time travel, but that’s another story.

The most common idea of what happened with the Phildelphia Experiment is
that the ship was intended to become invisible using high voltage coils
as are used to drive the electron beam in your computer monitor or TV

…From what I can tell of the descriptions, they used bucking fields
from at least two degaussing coils. It is possible they were swept from
one low energy level to much higher, with the ship as the focal point
for where this energy would concentrate.

The Russians have little dolls within dolls within dolls, called
Matrioshka. I have reports from two Russian scientist friends who claim
that by placing a coil within a coil within a coil, then injecting
currents successively, that you will produce a swept field of
controllable density.

One of these scientists claims to have slowed down time inside the
center coil by 1 second. I’d have to look up his method of determining
that as the measuring device would have to be shielded from
electrostatic and magnetic fields at the very least. That could be
crystal formation, a watch, living tissue that grows at a given rate,
each of these has its own problems as to really indicating a temporal

There are indications that just as matter goes through phase changes so
too does energy. The denser the energy in a contained region of space,
the greater the likelihood it will jump to the next quantum state, like
what happens with an incandescent light.

When energy is added to an electron, causing a temporary
increase/expansion of electron shells, the atom has to divest itself of
that additional, unnatural energy (for the atomic state energy level),
so when the electron shells in the outer layer collapse, they emit
photons, light.

So too is it likely that a high intensity magnetic, electric, acoustic,
photic field would, in a contained space, be forced to produce an
anomalous effect which could well be invisibility. In the case of the
PE, it could be either electrostatic or magnetic warping or redirection
of light.

Remember that the light we see from matter is only what is reflected
from matter…..here’s one for you which one of our guys postulated on
the KeelyNet discussion list a couple of days ago…if a black hole
captures all incoming radiation and matter, could it be that the black
hole is infinitely resonant to all frequencies, so that NOTHING WAS

In the case of the PE, the light was supposed to be ‘bent’ around the
ship…if it was resonantly captured, you would see a black hole.

Possibly with proper phasing of all the light that would normally
impinge on and reflect from the ship to make it visible, you could
deflect it so that you could see around the ship, rather appearing to
see THROUGH the ship, with slight optical ripples.

I have a friend who developed a very high tech device using proprietary
technology which he says will make an area invisible…he calls it
Project Chameleo and the military is looking into it..I found him in one
of the tabloid papers (The Globe I think) in a small paragraph…called
the paper and had to write them a letter to get his name, we talked for
4 hours and have stayed in touch…he is an engineer and got the idea
from Star Trek’s cloaking device…much like the movie Predator which he
believes lifted his idea but he has the details, perhaps they read that

Anyway, if the PE was invisibility ONLY, perhaps some kind of energy
wave could be generated that would redirect light around an object. Can
you think of something like that, something that would create an
illusion? Think about it and you’ll have one definite possibility IF
the only reported phenomena was invisibility…

Another PE story reports a green haze that sprang up around the ship
right before it disappeared…..this could have been an ultrasonically
created mist from the water, it could even have been a stimulated gas
like chlorine or sodium, both of which would be toxic to breathe and
kill or damage some of the crew members.

Now for the illusion aspect of it, one fellow claims this mist produced
a heat wave which acted like a mirage in a desert where heat redirects
light, making a faroff object appear near…IF the ship actually
disappeared, his theory makes the most sense, an intentional or
accidental mirage.

I love the mirage theory except for one fault (assuming we can trust the
reports), it is odd about the reports of the ship appearing and
disappearing in shipyards WHERE IT HAD BEEN BEFORE. That would fit well
within the space/time cartoon frame signature scenario.

There are indications that high density energy concentrations could
possibly allow access even to other realities, like dimensions…Tom
Bearden wrote about this (the Excalibur Briefing) theorizing that these
other realities were where so many mythical and legendary beasts
originated…Sasquatch (bigfoot), Nessie (Loch Ness), UFOs, elves,
fairies, the Hawaiaan little people called menehunes, the jinns (genies
– always evil) of the Arab world, leprechauns, gryhpons, centaurs,
satyrs, flying horses, etc.., basically anything anomalous which can’t
be tracked or which disappears leaving no trace.

Tom thinks that there are mental realms where anything that we think or
create takes on a life of its own…this ties in with the Jungian (Carl
Jung, student of Sigmund Freud) concept of archetypes, where many people
believe in something, like Elvis, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary,
etc…the more people who project their thoughts toward these
archetypes, the more energy they will accumulate.

Eventually these archetypes must discharge that energy so they only
appear for brief periods, resulting in sightings or miracles as the
energy is dissipated…this of course is the basis of ceremonial magick,
but that’s way off track for you folks..<g>…

So we have all these mythical creatures living in other dimensions which
have other energy levels different from our own, so like a submarine or
scuba diver using ballast and buoyancy to control their depth in water,
so too do these energy levels determine WHICH DIMENSION ou will live

What if every now and then one of us or one of these UFOs, bigfoot,
Nessie, etc…gets caught in a phase conjugated concentration of energy
that either reduces their natural energy level or pumps it up so that it
does a ‘phase change’ and disappears from its own dimension to reappear
in another??? What would happen?

The populace would see these manifestations and freak out, making all
kinds of unbelievable reports. Over time the energy in this
manifestation (UFO, sasquatch, nessie, whatever) will drain its excess
by virtue of trying to establish equilibrium with the local environment,
with the reference being that it must revert to its natural energy
level…what happens then? The creature pops back (using the energy
phase change) to its own dimension and we are left with another mystery.

I know, its confusing and it appears that I am wandering far off topic
from the PE. Not so, as we have basically the following theories about
it (you will note none is proven);

1) the ship became momentarily invisible using the degaussing coils
(invisibility alone doesn’t explain why the Eldridge was
momentarily seen in other ports where it had been weeks or months

2) the ship disappeared temporarily in a cloud of green mist
(same as #1)

3) the ship temporarily teleported from one place to another to
another and returned back to its place of origin

Or did it never happen and we are just wasting our time…<g>…

Personally I think such stories, whether real or not, enflame our sense
of imagination and curiosity, making us want to find out any
correlations or theories which could explain it. This is what leads to
discovery and advancement.

Without curiosity and humor, life would be quite dull. I am online much
of the day and my AOL AIM handle is Keelyman. You can download a free
copy of the AIM online chat program from http://www.aol.com then just
put in my name Keelyman and doubleclick on it to notify me if you have
questions or comments. I’ll confuse you as much as I can..<g>…onward
& upward!