Steve Quayle VS. Drake Bailey- Atleast One Is Wrong!

We know Russian and Chinese Troops are positioned on American Soil ready to move in.  We also know that DHS and Social Security Admin have purchased MILLIONS of rounds of HOLLOW POINT Bullets- that are designed to Kill.   When we search for WHY- we find 2 possible answers:

Scene 1-  Steve Quayle Take-down Of America

As a quick introduction to Steve Quayle, he has been on the air for 15 years preaching the word of Jesus and Christianity, while connecting the New-Age Mysticism subjects to The Fallen Angels. He is a full believer of Ancient Giants that walked the earth with the Nephilim and Sons of Anak.

I listen to his updates myself and I like him and believe his message is genuine. He has helped me come to the conclusion that Jesus Christ is indeed out true savior and our redeemer.

Steve Quayle’s inside DHS source received GO signal “Its Going HOT”.  Approval has been given and a staged attack will take place in the USA.  According to Steve Quayle and his Christian Crew, the USA Government is going to crack down on the USA Civilians and bring the pain… 

Mr Quayle warns of the Russian and Chinese troops that are on US soil will be assisting the crooked USA government in a Full Scale Population Reduction Plan. Literally stripping Americans of their liberties and throwing the American people into FEMA Camps to be drugged, raped, chipped, and possibly killed.

Scene 2- Insider Drake- Mass Arrests Will Take Place Soon

The other stance that is being tooted comes from a source by the name “Drake Bailey” aka “Insider Drake”. Drake has spoken at various occasions telling listeners he is in charge of informing the people of the effort to arrest the bankers and take America back. But his past dates and promises were missed and his guarantees have yet failed to manifest. This is not mentioned to discredit the source- because this is the better of the two possibilities.

According to Insider Drake- The Mass Arrests are about to take place in the next few weeks. But no exact date was given. According to Drake- the Russian and Chinese troops are on American Soil to assist in Freeing Americans from the Evil bankers and Crooked Leaders of The USA.

Editorial View-  I personally think it will not goes smoothly either-way. A lot of people will resist being infiltrated- and I do feel an infiltration of sorts is at our doorstep.  I highly recommend preparing.  Food, Water, Shelter, Protection, and get ready for a ride.  I believe Jesus Christ Is Our Redeemer.