NHESS Survey Reveals Glowing Lights

One of the strangest paranormal phenomena suspected to become proved science one day possibly soon is the appearance of mysterious lights in the sky just prior to an earthquake.  The strange occurrence was recorded and is surprisingly only one of hundreds of incidents like it.  To date science has been unable to explain exactly where these strange blobs of light come from or what purpose they serve, only that hundreds to thousands witness them.

If you were to walk outside your house one fine summer afternoon and notice several blobs of light hovering a few feet above the ground, shimmering with a multicolored glow, it may not be a good idea to suddenly run back inside the building in order to grab your camera if you’re in a clear area.  In fact, it may actually be preferable to actually move away from all structures, trees, and power lines to avoid the tremendous earthquake that may be brewing beneath your feet.

On April 06, 2009 a massive Earthquake rocked Aquila, Abruzzo in Italy.  But even more strange than the sudden seismic activity which came without warning was the suggestion that many lights appeared in the area prior to its hitting.  Witnesses who were interviewed after the incident declared that they had observed a strange celestial light hovering above the city shortly before the Earthquake struck.  Many attributed the event to a paranormal phenomenon.  Whether the event was strictly paranormal or not, it was certainly unexplainable by scientists when they collected the accounts of those who had witnessed the strange lights.

And now a survey has been distributed with such questions as, “Did they illuminate the surrounding landscape?” and “Did you observe anomalies in the atmosphere?”  The results are astounding, with a considerable number of people over a 50 kilometer area reporting consistent data regarding the anomalous lights suggesting they may have actually been something that is known as EQL or Earthquake Lights.  The phenomenon has been reported in several countries, including China where the below video footage was shot.

Some suggest that the Earthquake Lights are actually a sort of warning created by a supernatural entity, but one other major theory on the origins of the Earthquake Lights suggests that it may actually be a form of energy manifestation wherein the energy from the massive amounts of rock and soil in the Earth being broken up actually manifest as lights which are perceivable by human eyes when it interacts with the atmosphere.  The lights are thought to be therefore similar to the light emitted when an electronic charge is passed through a fluorescent light, but in the atmosphere.  Of course this is only a theory, and it is rivaled by many others.

Some scientists have even suggested that the lights, if they prove to be consistent could actually be used as an early warning system for seismic activity.  The lights in the video below are said to have appeared somewhere around thirty minutes prior to the Earthquake in China.  If utilized, these lights could actually be used to let populations know when to seek safety.  The question not only is ‘What can be done with them,’ but also ‘What exactly are they?’