Dream Interpretations 9: Flowers

There are numerous themes that can appear within a dream. Depending on the theme, a dreamer can obtain a variety of meanings. One of the main themes that may appear within a dream includes the presence of flowers. For example, if you see colorful flowers within your dream, it is a symbol for kindness, pleasure, beauty, as well as compassion.


Sometimes seeing a certain flower may refer to a certain time of the year or season. If the flowers within your dream are white, it may represent sadness. Withered or dead flowers in a dream means that you are either in a disappointing situation or one is coming in the future. It may also be a sign that you need to reach your full potential in all that you attempt. When you are receiving a bunch of flowers in your dream, you may be telling yourself that you feel accepted or approved of. It also signifies rewards. Below you will find various interpretations involving specific flowers that may appear within a dream.


Roses are one of the most common flowers given to someone during a special occasion, so what does it mean when you are dreaming of them? When roses are blooming within a dream, it represents a faithful love, as well as good times in the future. Roses are a symbol of love, romance and passion. It could also refer to femininity. White roses are a symbol of pureness and virginity. Although you know a yellow rose to stand for friendship, within a dream, a yellow rose stands for jealousy or infidelity. Withered roses within a dream symbolize death or a loss of a loved one. When you smell roses within your dream, happiness and pleasure is represented.


If you see tulips in a dream, it signifies a new beginning in your future. Tulips denote charity, hope, as well as faith. Another flower that comes in yellow is the pretty daffodil, which represents inner growth, hope and a sense of renewal within a dream. If you see a dahlia within a dream, good luck regarding financial matters may be in the future. If a dahlia is dying or wilted, it represents sadness and a loss. 


Daisies within a dream represent beauty, innocence, as well as friendliness. If someone gives you a bunch of daisies in your dream, it may represent a lost love or sadness. If you are walking through a field filled with daisies, this may mean that good luck and success is in your future. It also means that you may have someone who is willing to help you out with any problems that you may have in your life. Additional brief dream interpretations can be found below.


Carnation: Light-heartedness and joy.


Iris: Wisdom and faith


Violets: Joy and happiness within a marriage


Dandelion: Joyous occasions in the future


Pansy: Symbolizes the thoughts of the mind. May mean you are a gullible individual.


Sunflower: Warmth and prosperity.


Lilacs: Disappointment and rejection.


Lotus: Beauty, growth and purity


Lily: Tranquility, peace, as well as spirituality.