Spooky Things in Colorado Springs

There are numerous locations that you can visit when you are interested in checking out a variety of haunted places in the Colorado Springs area. Some of these locations feature legends and tales regarding ghosts, possessed houses and eerie cemeteries. Below you will find an array of locations you may want to explore.


The owners of the British Home Shop will gladly converse with you about this location. This site is home to an array of spirits that enjoy locking people in the women’s bathroom, as well as a variety of other gags. There have been researchers who have visited this shop and conducted several tests, which revealed positive videos; pictures displaying orbs, as well as other evidence.


What’s up with the fast food restaurants in this area? A Wendy’s in Colorado Springs was the site of a disturbing discovery found within the trash. The body of a 16-year-old girl was found two days after the restaurant opened. She was wearing a ballerina costume and was found by one of the workers. There have been claims that late in the night, soft music can be heard. Some believe that they hear her ghost at night, calling out for a boy named “Tommy.” In the late 1990s, an Arby’s manager was shot and killed by one of her employees. Since her death, some have claimed to hear whispering within the lobby, as well as witness the moving of objects on their own. The vision of a woman walking from the front of the kitchen has also been reported. The McDonald’s in Rockrimmon has reports of children screaming as if they are bring murdered, as well as visions of children playing about the fryers. Some have claimed to witness a Native American chief turn off the lights, touch people and move things around.


Guests who have stayed at the Boradmoor Hotel have claimed to hear the voices and screams of the ghosts of those who died in a fire that once occurred in the hotel. Another hotel that features odd happenings is the Days Inn located at the airport. If you ever stay in room 207, you may encounter the ghost of a man who can be found wandering about. Some employees have reported weird noises, cold spots, as well as the closing and opening of curtains in an empty room.

The grave of a woman by the name of Helen Hunt can be found in the mountains of Cheyenne Canyon in an area referred to as Gold Camp Road. It is said that she haunts the area, where every year, about 5 people lose their lives around the camping area. There are tunnels on the site where weird things occur, such as the sound of unknown voices. Some have reported that handprints can be spotted on their car.


Other haunted areas in Colorado Springs include:


A K-Mart in Chapel Hills: Strange noises and cold spots


Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind: Ghosts


Coronado High School: Cold spots and a ghost of a drown victim


Devonshire Square Apartments: Apparitions


Hearthstone Inn on Cascade Blvd: Ghost of a little girl


Lee Family House: Several paranormal sightings