Circles in the Snow

With the sounds of Christmas still ringing in our ears a blizzard is blanketing the Midwest United states leaving behind a fresh blanket of snow.  The white crystalline flurry is covering large swaths of land leaving behind an ivory wonderland of sparkling luminescence.  But in this snow something strange is happening.  Snow rings are cropping up where once grain stood all over the world.  And furthermore, these rings will appear with no footprints leading up to them leading many to expect an otherworldly source.

In the Netherlands one group of friends reports that they’ve been psychically linked to the formations.  Robbert Van Den Brooke, on December 19th, told his friend and researcher Nancy Talbott about the psychic impulses he had been receiving.  He claimed the impressions pointed him to a number of rings that had been forming, and still more that would be forming in the future.  In addition, he said he had a very strong feeling that a specific location would manifest the rings.  When they visited, they realized that Robert had been quite right.  A massive snow formation had appeared within the space of time of just a few hours.

Roy Van Den Brooke is experienced with crop circles, and allegedly feels a sort of present energy when the crop circles are still being perfected in the night, or still “being worked on.”  He says the ambient energy around such formations can be felt by those who know how to feel for it.

Aside from the tracks that lead up to it, no footprints were visible anywhere around the formation.  The small rings, measuring only a few feet in diameter were clustered together connected to a large line which ran all the way to a much larger circle at the other end.  Waves could be seen within the larger circle formation at moments, almost as though they were “brush strokes.”  Witnesses who first spotted the formation around 1:00 AM reported that the location still had an almost electric feel in the air like the location was “holy with angels singing in the background.”  The large circles and the small circles had rings about the same size always, about eleven inches or a little under a foot.  It’s interesting to note the these formations did have small details happening several feet from the main formations, and yet had no footprints led out to them.  The only footprints anywhere near the location were those of the observers who at first kept their distance, but eventually walked up to the formation to observe it more closely.

How could such a formation be created?  Crop circles are more difficult to fake because the stalks are often bent as though the cells within were changed and morphed into the new fallen shape.  Snow formations on the other hand, I will make a prediction.  The grass and crops where the snow formations have been discovered will in the future have difficulty growing and be stunted and yellowed, contrary to crop formations. What will this mean if I’m right?  It’s not proof of anything, but it does suggest a chemical change took place that may change the soil.  The Romans, to further add insult to injury to their opponents would salt the crops to make sure nothing grew there for years afterward.  Also, salt is used to melt snow after it has fallen on driveways and on roads.  If it worked so well after the fact, could it then work just as well if left behind in advance?  I’m not calling any of the parties involved hoaxers, just looking for an explanation.  Though they’ve received much attention, I don’t think circles in the snow are definitive proof.  And leaving salt in a specific formation in a field before a snowfall would certainly remove any chance of tracks being discovered in the snow.

On the other hand, when offering an explanation one has to cover every aspect and admit the ones they simply don’t know.  The salt explanation should be taken with a ‘grain of,’ because it doesn’t explain the formations that appeared after snow had already fallen and those appearing days later.  The later formations are what make this case truly unexplainable.