UFO’s and Fallen Angels





For inquire, I pray thee, of the former age (For we are but of yesterday, and know nothing) … (Job 8:8”‘9)





B. Present”‘day Manifestations of the Fallen Angels


Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them to present himself before the Lord. And the Lord said to Satan, “Where have you come from?” Then Satan answered the Lord and said, “From roaming about on the earth, and walking around on it.” (Job 2:1”‘2 NASB)


according to the prince of the powers of the air…. (Eph. 2:2)


… according to the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders. (2 Thess. 2:9)


And no marvel; for even Satan fashioneth himself into an angel of light. (2 Cor. 11:14)


Satan and his angels still have access to heaven and have not yet been cast out of it. But what environment of the Earth do they live in and what manifestation do they assume? The fallen angels live in the earth’s atmosphere, and their most common manifestation is as an object of light. Aside from these outward characteristics, remember also that their very nature requires them to be deceptive, so that we should expect their physical manifestation to be represented to us as being something else. What aerial phenomena have these characteristics?


An idea that seems to occur often is that we are descended from extraterrestrials. Aside from other difficulties, there is a distinctive physical stamp we bear, that argues strongly against this: The sun, like all stars has a characteristic light spectrum. It emits, different colors, or wavelengths, with widely varying intensities. There is a wavelength at which this spectrum peaks. Now the human eye has a very uneven spectral response: It sees different colors, or wavelengths, with varying sensitivity. As it happens, the peak sensitivity of the human eye corresponds closely to the peak intensity of terrestrial daylight. Presumably, this is not accidental but due to evolutionary aduptation.56


The conclusion, therefore, is that while there is nothing inconceivable about visits to Earth by extraterrestrial civilizations in the past, even the near past, there is no acceptable evidence that it has happened, and the evidence deduced for the purpose by various enthusiasts is, as far as we can tell, utterly worthless.57


This is no place for an exhaustive review of UFO cases, but a brief summary of the facts is instructive. There is very little uniformity. UFOS are shaped like discs, spheres, cylinders, cigars, dumbbells, ovals, eggs, diamonds, cones, parachutes, tops, mushrooms, and hamburgers; all of these shapes occur singly or in groups. They range in size from a few inches to more than a mile in length, and travel fast or slow, with or without undulation, wobbles, zigzags, or sudden changes of direction. They are smooth, hairy, knobby, shiny, dull, every color of the rainbow, and some equipped with optional landing gear, wheels, tripods, doors, and windows. They are completely silent or else they hum whoosh, hiss, flutter, whine, whistle, beep, pulse, buzz, vibrate, bang, blast, roar, or explode thunderously. They stop internal combustion engines, interfere with radio and television transmissions, shock, burn, and paralyze people, and cause them to lose consciousness; or not as the case may be. In short, they are all things to all people. Since 1946 there seems to have been acceleration in both interest and in manifestations.58


The non”‘uniformity of UFOs is in complete opposition to the necessary mass production characteristics of any civilization with a technology advanced enough to visit us. Notice also the detrimental effects and the individuality of perception of these objects by the observers. Finally, notice the acceleration in manifestations since 1946 ”‘ the reason for this will be explained presently.


Almost as difficult to accept is the fact that, whenever beings of any kind are seen in association with UFOs, whenever UFO occupants, “ufonauts,” or whatever, are spotted, they are almost without fail humanoid in form…. they are just humanoids, and that not only speaks for a decided lack of imagination on the part of their observers, it is also suggestive of something which, by our understanding of biological evolution just cannot be. 59


In the previous chapter we saw that some sort of contact with extraterrestrial beings has been a likely event for a long period of time. In chapter 5, we assumed that such likelihood had already materialized; we presumed what in the UFO literature is often referred to as the “extraterrestrial”‘intelligence hypothesis.” In this chapter, we shall briefly discuss the difficulties (impossibilities would perhaps be a better word) that we face in reconciling this presumption with the basic laws of’ physics. 60


We conclude that our considerations must, of necessity, start with the uncomfortable realization that UFOs have first no physically understandable means of getting here.61


The observed characteristics of the occupants of UF0s violate the conclusions of the process of evolution in accordance to natural laws as applied as a necessary explanation for their (the occupants) existence. Also, it is considered impossible by the laws of physics for UFOs to be from outside our solar system, and all known facts of our solar system stand in total opposition to an extraterrestrial origin from somewhere within our solar system.


All these kinds of reports would normally be relegated to the pathological (and indeed they often are anyway!) were they not in so many cases locked in with more substantial evidence, such as radar sightings, stalled automobile engines, production of material imprints on the ground, extensive burned spots at observed landing sites, perturbations of compasses and other instruments, disruption of radio and television reception, etc. 62


Notice the relationship between UF0s and electromagnetic disturbances. As we shall see, electromagnetism is apparently the connection between our (fourth-­dimensional) physical universe and the (fifth”‘dimensional) spiritual universe.


More seriously, however, there is a significant void in Nicap’s file of radar cases, despite the eighty”‘three sightings it lists. There is not a single sighting by the radars that should be the most likely to spot UFOs, if they really were extraterrestrial spacecraft. These are the radars especially designed to keep a watch on space and to detect even tiny objects. They form a network known as the Space Detection and Tracking System (Spadat), operated by the North American Air Defense Command (Norad). Construction of Spadats was begun shortly after the Russians launched Sputnik 1, to keep a continuous count on every object in space in the vicinity of the earth, especially foreign satellites and spacecraft….

This electronic fence is so sensitive that it has detected objects its small as a six”‘inch”‘long metal strap which went into orbit during the launch of an early U.S. satellite….

This raises the important question: Why are UFOs never spotted in space by the radar network designed to monitor the presence of every spacecraft in the vicinity of the earth, but are detected only by ground and airborne radars that can see targets within the earth’s atmosphere? 64


Why? Because UFOs are not extraterrestrial in origin!


Most UAOs (Unidentilied Aquatic Objects) and UFOs could never possibly have originated on or near our own planet….

This expression actually means that (in a case such as this) the phenomenon is “natural” to this earth…. On the other hand, the suggestion that they might be indigenous to our upper atmosphere, or to the immediate vicinity of the earth in inner”‘space”‘ … ”‘is of a much higher order of probability.65

Along these lines, and directly pertinent to the question of UFO transport, there is some highly significant evidence to be found in the UFO reports…. It consists of the peculiar, seemingly nonphysical attributes of many of the sightings ”‘ what Jung in his business refers to as the psychic, as opposed to the strictly psychological, characteristics of the observations. It is, in fact, in many cases a little difficult to differentiate the two from each other, or to distinguish them in turn from the nominally, purely “physical,” for that matter.68


So the most interesting and productive of recent analyses all seem to be following, and adding to, Jung’s conjectures that the phenomenon has a psychic origin. 69


Some of’ the observed actions of UFOs violate the laws of physics- primarily the laws of inertia.  For instance, it is impossible for a physical object to be going 20,000 miles per hour and make a 90”‘degree turn, or completely reverse course instantly, as some UFOs have   been ob­served to do. But it would be entirely possible if UFOs were the man­ifestations of spiritual beings”‘ the fallen angels.


We have drawn our extraterrestrial humanoid data from two sources: contemporary UFO sightings and historical events as described in tile Bible. Now if both sources of these similar data are indeed telling us the truth, it is virtually certain that they are, in fact, talking about the same, or closely related, phenomena ”‘ as we have earlier implied.70


The above footnote is from a book written by an author who is not (at least according to the content of his book) a Christian and therefore does not have “an ax to grind, so to speak, in making this statement.  His observation is entirely an objective evaluation.


While we are on this subject ”‘ the Scriptural account concerning the wheel within a wheel in the book of Ezekiel, which has been taken out of context by quite a few authors to help make a fast buck with a book, is not a record of the observation of a UFO. It is a spiritual vision and its recording is to illustrate a spiritual principle. I do not have the space to detail the necessary scriptural documentation of the principle so illustrated. As doing so is not essential for this book, I ask you to take my word on this.


One such potentially telling effect sometimes reported is a dissolving, or disappearing, of the observed object virtually into thin air ”‘ a kind of switching off,” as it were. Sometimes, the object may instantaneously reappear again later”‘ ” switch back on””‘and then still later, once again disappear. 71


… angels of Satan, who, as we have before shown, are not unclothed spirits, but possess spiritual bodies which they can render visible and tangible at will.72


There certainly seems to be a strong similarity between the entities described as the pilots of UFOs and the fairy folk, elves, and sylphs of the Middle Ages. Vallee points to the example of the facts, hairy little black men who were said to live in caves in the Poiton region of France, and who, as recently as the mid”‘nineteenth century continued to play tricks on terrified women That same area today is free of fadets, but it is one of the hot”‘spots in Europe for UFO sightings. Similarly in northern Mexico there are said to be one”‘meter”‘tall, hairy, black humanoids, known locally as ikals. For centuries these “spirits of the air” have been attacking people on country roads, but today they do so with the aid of rockets strapped to their backs.73


Brotherly love is advocated and an immediate banning of “The Bomb.” Apart from this, I have not read of a single constructive suggestion offered by these divine and allegedly all”‘wise creatures (UFO occupants); nor do they seem ever to have done anything practical for us, or even for themselves, although they say that our performance is endangering their existence. They are almost all princes or princesses and live in the lap of luxury with distinct overtones of debauchery, don’t have to work, never quarrel or right, and devote their time to all the various forms (if love, from the brotherly to the ethereal.74


For the whole aerial surroundings of our planet are densely peopled with a hostile race of beings unutterably superior in wisdom and power to ourselves; having had during a vast number of years every conceivable experience of the weak points of humanity; possessing the incalculable advantage of being themselves invisible, though as spiritual intelligences they are probably able, not merely to judge of us by our words and outward expression of countenance, but even to read the innermost thoughts of out”‘ heart; cooperating with the most perfect and never”‘failing organization; and lastly, directed by a leader of consummate wisdom and skill, who is assisted by powerful princes, and finds his subjects so numerous, that, if we are to lay any stress on the word “legion” in the memorable narrative of Luke, he is able to spare some six thousand of them to guard one miserable captive (Luke viii. 30) .75


For until the Devil be deposed from the throne of the air, it is likely that he will exercise control, to a great extent at least, over atmospheric phenomena. 76


Footnotes 75 and 76 are taken from a book written over one hundred years ago, long before “UFOs” came on the scene.


(4) Seeing that angels can so materialize to themselves bodies as to eat the food of men (Gen. xviii. 8), to draw Lot by their hands (Gen. xiv. 10, 16), etc., there need be no difficulty in believing them able to perform other bodily functions, if they so wish.

If Matthew xxii. 30 be urged to the contrary, it may be pointed out that our Lord states what is the condition of things “in heaven”; He does not allege that angels cannot violate that order, and act otherwise on earth. Whilst in Jude, verses 6,7, we are plainly told that there have been “angels who kept not their own principality, but left their proper habitation”; and it is explained that Sodom and Gomorrah, in going after strange flesh, sinned “like these” angels.

The thoughtful, we say, will consider these facts and scriptures; and will not fail to note that this abhorrent and terrible subject is of practical moment, inasmuch as the Son of God has forewarned us that the days before His appearing again on earth will present a true likeness to the days of Noah and to the state of Sodom in the days of Lot. 77


If we are in the last days, the fallen angels will be more and more active ”‘”‘ even to the extreme extent of assumption of physical bodies and intercourse with humans. The movies Close Encounters of the”‘Third Kind and Rosemary’s Baby are a reflection of preparation for this.

In addition to all of the preceding evidence, there are documented correlations of unusual statistical aberrations, which are common to people involved in the occult, demonology, parapsychology, and UFO1ogy. Such documentation and further corroborative evidence linking UFOs and fallen angels may be found in an excellent book on the subject, entitled UFOs: What on Earth is Happening?

But there is another correlation definitely linking UFOs to the fallen angels.


It is, however, a startling fact that the present disposal of the regular spiritual powers of the world seems to be entirely in the hands of Satan. This is evident front the Eighty”‘Second Psalm, as well as from the verse of Isaiah; since in either passage the spiritual rulers are stigmatized without any reserve as rebels against God. 78


and now will I return to fight with the prince of Persia: and when I go forth, lo, the Prince of Greece shall come. But I will tell thee that which is inscribed in the writing of truth: and there is none that holdeth with me against these, but Michael your prince. (Dan. 10:20”‘21)


At that time shall arise Michael, the great prince who has charge of your people. (Dan. 12:1 RSV)


From the whole region of the vast rebel empire there came forth but one loyal prince of God to aid him in his conflict with the powers of darkness. This faithful archangel was Michael: nor is it difficult to ac­count for his presence in the regions of air. For he is described to Daniel as “your prince,” and afterwards as “the great prince which standeth for the children of’ thy people” (Dan x. 21; xii. 1). It appears, then, that he is the spiritual ruler of Israel; and so, that when God chose a people upon earth for Himself, He took them out or the jurisdiction    (Acts xxvi. 18; Col.1.13) of Satan, and appointed one of His own princes to govern and protect them. Hence with fierce enmity the Prince of Darkness seems to have matched himself against Michael, and to have directed in person his desperate assaults upon the alienated principality. One of his victories is recorded in the Book of Chronicles, where we are told how he “stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel” (1 Chron. xxi. 1). 79


All of the countries in the world are ruled over by fallen angels Under Satan, except one: Israel. Israel alone is ruled by one of the faithful angels, the archangel Michael. If UFOs are the manifestations of’ fallen angels, then we should expect a direct correlation of UFO activity with military conflict involving Israel.

Since 1946 there seems to have been acceleration in both interest and in manifestations (of UFOs). 80


Serious UFO research groups, who tirelessly sift, sort, and systematize reports, will never forget 1973. Autumn of that year staged the biggest UFO flap since bush pilot Ken Arnold captured headlines in 1947 with his sightings of nine “saucer”‘like things” over

Mt. Rainer, Washington. The tornadic effect of 1973’s flap was to stun a nation already troubled by Watergate and Middle East crisis. At its peak, October 17”¦81

As the reader probably knows, the 1973 Middle East crisis was the Arab”‘Israeli conflict known as the “October War.” Most persons even vaguely familiar with UFOs know that 1947 was a banner year. Israel became a nation again on May 14, 1948, following much prior conflict. I did not look for UFO statistics for the time of the other two major Israeli conflicts, 1956 and 1967, but I have no doubt that such statistics will likewise show increased UFO activity.