Hydrogen Fuel Source Developed that Works

A synthetic fuel, which is expected to cost only $1.50, have no carbon emissions whatsoever, and can run in a normal car with no need for conversion whatsoever has been developed according to an energy research company known as Cella Energy, and is made from one of the most plentiful chemical elements in the universe: Hydrogen.  But how will it get from the laboratory to gas tanks worldwide?  And will it deliver on all of the promises made by its developers at Oxford University?

The material, which could revolutionize how we think of our cars was developed by the UK based company over the course of four years.  But in a time where cheap and free energy sources are rumored to exist all over the world, this new development will have to have quite a bit going for it before it can stand out as the single fuel that will allow the world to be free from oil refined from the ground.  Earlier this month a pair from Italy claiming to have developed cold fusion is still under scrutiny for their claim that a factory has been running for two years using only the generator they developed.  But Stephen Voller, CEO of the company says he has just the credibility necessary.  And those taking a look at the researchers behind the project have realized this is not just a mysterious figure we’ve never heard of.  Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford was involved in the research, where they studied a nanostructuring method known as coaxial electrospraying.

The current cost projections suggest that the fuel, if produced in larger quantities could be developed in a way that would make the end result cost only $1.50 to make.  And there’s no telling how much more the price would come down when more efficient methods for fuel production were developed.  Essentially the claims of hydrogen fuel that we have so long been looking for have been validated according to Voller, who says the project was developed by scientists working from the University College in London and Oxford University under a veil of secrecy.

What would this mean?  While it doesn’t mean zero point energy or free energy, it would mean several of our energy concerns would quickly become a thing of the past.  No one is arguing that hydrogen is in short supply.  It’s in the air we breathe and it’s in the water itself.  If we were to discover a form of energy sufficiently powerful, it would be practically impossible to keep a lid on it if so many scientists were involved in the project. and already so many have been made aware of it.  But it also means the oil companies we currently know would be essentially lose their power.  Things like the Gulf Oil spill would be able to become a thing of the past as we no longer needed to drill the Earth for oil.  Saudi Arabia would almost immediately lose a major source of economic power by losing its oil industry, and in fact energy would not have to be imported nearly as much as before – if at all.  Are we looking at the end of the energy crisis and all the problems associated with it?