Witness Recalls UFO Encounter While on Canoe Trip

A witness reporting from Maine just recently released an account to MUFON of an experience they had while canoeing as a child out near Damarcotta in 1975 with friends.  The witness’ account has all the hallmarks of a life changing UFO experience.  Though the witnesses did not see the occupants of this mysterious craft, it displayed a level of technology most military officials will say we do not currently have.  And the witness’ description of what he saw in the center suggests it was the most breathtaking engine a craft ever could have

The witnesses were out canoeing near a small island in Damarcotta Lake when suddenly the reporting witness spotted something off to the North.  As they looked closer he could see the object was hanging suspended in mid air like an arrowhead glued to the sky.  As the brothers in the 15 foot canoe started watching, the object started emitting an eerie light out the front of it from two points very similar, as the witness describes in his MUFON report, to a pair of car headlights.  This light then turned downward and the object began patrolling the woods like it was looking for something.  Whether this was organic or not is a subject the witness leaves to speculation, but he suggests the feeling he got from it was like the craft was treating the area like a crime scene.  It would carefully scan an area in rows and then move to the next.

Driven forward by their curiosity, the witnesses neared the object and got a closer look.  Soon the craft passed over them at a low enough altitude that they could see under the ship.  As they watched it, the witnesses in back – who were getting very terrified at this point – began voicing that they should be leaving by now and started getting very upset.  As they moved on, the witness reportedly saw several rings spinning around inside the vessel.  He counted eight rings spinning around one another and describes the rare experience with the vessel as witnessing “the most beautiful machine I ever saw.”

After passing over them, the vessel then turned and flew off into the distance where it disappeared.  As the witnesses returned to shore they knew they had just had a once in a lifetime experience.  And as the years went on they would hear more stories of ships like these only furthering the mystery.

It’s no secret that thousands of people have made claims of encountering vessels that could not possibly be of this Earth unless technology were several decades in advance of what we currently know.  And yet even these experiences are not the whole picture.  Hearing a report such as this from 1975 which so unambiguously declares a close encounter with an alien looking vessel suggests there’s much more to the phenomenon than meets the eye.  And even with an endless supply of accounts streaming in from people worldwide, we cannot help but wonder if the true number of experiences is several times more given the highly emotional and controversial nature of the subject.  And for these witnesses who saw an object pass right over them, each experience could change someone’s life forever.