Commenting on the Majectic 12 Documents (MJ12)

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Addition comments regarding MJ- 12 documents



May 16, 1987
To: File
Subject: Additional comments re documents released by William L. Moore in
April 30, 1987 FOCUS. Special Focus on MJ-12.

The members of the MJ-12 Group were truly outstanding Americans all of whom had made major contributions during World War 2. I have a mountain of data that links the various people all of whom have since died.

The one surprising name on the list was that of Harvard Astronomer Donald H.
Menzel. I had picked up on all the others in the course of reviewing many
files at the National Archives, the Library of Congress and the Truman,
Eisenhower, and Kennedy Libraries. DHM had written three anti-UFO books and
made numerous negative comments about the reality of UFOs. How could he
possibly have been a member of a top notch group(knowing full well in July
of 1947(after the crash and retrieval near Roswell NM of an Identified
Alien Craft)of the alien origin of some UFOs?? I was stimulated by the
follow-up on him by a brief letter in Bush’s files from the attorney who had
defended DHM in a USAF loyalty hearing in 1950. There was nothing about
this hearing or Menzel’s clearing of any communist learnings in the NY Times
which piqued my curiosity. I eventually gained access to Menzel’s file at
the American Philosophical Society Library in Philadelphia (only
contains his very extensive UFO correspondence), the Menzel Files at his
Alma Mater (University of Denver) and most important after getting
permission from two professors and his wife Florence, the all important
Menzel files at Harvard. There was a great deal of evidence strongly
suggesting that Menzel may indeed have been part of MJ-12. In a 1960
letter to President elect John F. Kennedy, DHM stated that he had had a
longer continuous association with the highly classified National Security
Agency and its Navy predecessor agency than any other person (recent
documents prove that the NSA has but refuses to release even to a Federal
court Judge any of the more than 150 UFO documents it admits to having).
DHM also noted that he had done classified work for more than 30 Defense
Industry contractors, that he had a TOP SECRET ULTRA security clearance
which made it all the harder for him to understand the USAF fussing about
a SECRET clearance. His staunchest defender at the extended security
hearings was Van Bush whom he had known since 1934!! DHM served the Navy
on code breaking work during WW2, taught course on cryptography, had
written a classified book on radio wave propagation, and had also written
many science fiction stories as well as articles for a number of major
newspapers. He was very heavily engineering oriented besides being an
astronomer. Post war he served as the first commanding officer of a Navy
Reserve cryptography unit.He was very well acquainted with Lloyd Berkner and
Detlev Bronk. Hunsaker was at nearby MIT.

At Harvard most of his associates new little about his government work. His
wartime secretary stressed to me as did some others that he was very
discreet. He made very frequent trips to Washington DC, and also a myriad to
New Mexico where the crashed saucer had been retrieved. Menzel was aware of
the wartime breaking of the German Enigma code and of various disinformation
schemes to fool the Germans and Japanese and had even learned Japanese to
help in deciphering. He would have been an obvious choice to help decipher
the strange symbols found on some of the Roswell wreckage and to help
disinform the public about this very important subject. His UFO books
certainly show a great deal of nonscientific reasoning out of keeping with
his scientific work. His first UFO book was even translated into Russian and
helped keep a whole generation of US and Soviet scientists from studying the
UFO phenomenon. He may very well have achieved one of the greatest feats of
disinformation ever accomplished.

I have clear proof from the files of both Bush (library of Congress) and
Forrestal (at the Forrestal Library at Princeton University where I have
reviewed them) that they had indeed met with President Truman on September
24, 1947 and they had a long close and mutually admiring relationship with
each other and with Truman, frequently (in the 1947-49 period) meeting for
lunch and often meeting with Truman. It is interesting that Hillenkoetter
and Souers had strong Navy ties, Twining and Bandenberg, strong Air Force
ties, and Gray and Montague strong Army connections. All were at the top of
the Intelligence Community. Bronkl besides being an Aviation physiologist
later headed the National Academy of Sciences. Hunsaker, one of the real
aviation pioneers headed the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics
succeeding Bush in the late 1930s. Bush was, of course, the US Science and
Technology Czar during and after World War 2. No one in the world was better
suited to heading a small group of experts trying to determine the technology
associated with alien craft. The following statement appears in a formerly
Top-Secret Canadian memo dated November 21, 1950. Speaking about flying
saucers Wilber Smith “made discrete enquiries through the Canadian Embassy
staff in Washington who were able to obtain for me the following information:
a. The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States
Government , rating higher even than the H-bomb. b. Flying saucers exist. c.
Their modus operandi is unknown but concentrated effort is being mad by a
small group headed by Dr. Vannevar Bush. d. The entire matter is considered
by the United States Authorities to be of tremendous significance.”

There is truly a mountain of evidence including more than 5000 pages of
documents released under the Freedom of Information and the Canadian Access
to Information to establish that indeed the subject of UFOs represents a kind
of Cosmic Watergate. While I don’t want all the technical data released , I
do believe that Earthlings are indeed entitled to know that we are not alone.
Havening worked on classified government sponsored Research and Development
programs for 15 years, I have a healthy respect for security and the ability
of various government agencies to keep things secret.