The Alien Story

An alien does sound very exciting and full of suspense. Though we know whatever we know of these out of earth objects courtesy the movies we have seen all these years. But there’s hardly any substantial proof of their existence in our living world. There are a few instances which have been depicted in the past to prove that they do exist in the outer space and in some cases between us.
                In my reading as yet I’ve often come across their description as wavy or flying objects with unmatched speed and in some cases they appeared like a different planet all together. But going by the credibility of the witnesses there’s enough room for doubts as there’s no evidence to support their statement. NASA does have bits and pieces and in some cases some substantial info of these extra terrestrial residents. The US government is keeping the information in tight scrutiny and does not divulge any details regarding their supposed existence to the common man. NASA did furnish some records, and stated they had no other information of any Alien presence. There have been occasions when objects of high magnitude have landed or fallen on earth but all that were quite successfully covered up by the investigating agencies. Hence we have very limited knowledge about them.
                  Several people have written and spoken about UFO’s flying but there’s unfortunately no substantial evidence for the same. One of the most mysterious cases of a UFO crash is the Kecksburg event of 1965. An object crashed into a forest, a boy and his mother claimed to have seen a blue smoke arising from the woods. The boy also described the object to the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. The state police with the army moved in and tried getting more information on that. The following hunt resulted in a big object which was later put in the truck and covered by a tarp. But subsequently the case was wound up stating meteor crash and “nothing else”.
                  A reporter and news director for the local radio station WHJB, John Murphy also cited to have seen an abnormal object in the woods after innumerable calls from the shocked citizens. John reached the site before the authorities could and found some alarming facts which he turned into a documentary. But not long before the documentary could be aired, it was confiscated by the government officials.Though some documents were initially turned over to the public; researchers believe that there are more hidden files with critical information in the search for extraterrestrial life.
                  Since NASA had some information on the case, they were the target of the media attention but even continuous follow-ups were hardly successful in getting info from them. I’ll still be surprised if NASA gives out the info to the general public even after the court ruling of Right to Information Act. As the government has full authority and control over the information, there’s a very slight possibility of we as readers would get to read or watch about Aliens. More so coz we yet have no clue of their intention, malicious or otherwise.